Pack your bags, operators! We’re now dropping into the Pacific.

Call of Duty Warzone is moving its thrilling gunplay to Caldera, a brand new map located in the Pacific Ocean.

Following the victory over Stitch in Verdansk, the battle royale now merges its story with Vanguard’s World War II narrative.

In the Pacific cinematic trailer, Captain Carver Butcher mentioned that Caldera was their first destination when it came to eliminating the threat of lingering Axis forces after WWII.

Official Caldera map of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

Official Caldera map of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific
Credit: Activision

Departing from Verdansk’s Cold War aesthetic, Caldera offers a tropical atmosphere for players to enjoy. The new Pacific map consists of 15 distinct areas, ranging from sandy beaches to city streets.

In contrast to Verdansk’s winding valley of industrial complexes, Caldera utilizes its natural habitat to add altitude to its battle royale gameplay.

During the ONE Esports Warzone Showdown, day one champion Alita Zunic mentioned that the Call of Duty Warzone Pacific map had a brighter and more natural appearance that lets her identify enemies faster.

5 must-visit locations in Caldera

With an entire map waiting to be discovered, here’s a quick guide of the five best locations to check out in Caldera.

Have the higher ground at the Peak

Peak location on Call of Duty Warzone map Caldera
Credit: Activision

Labeled F on the Tactical Map, the Peak is a certified hotspot for bloodthirsty squads. Similar to Verdansk’s skyscraper, Peak offers a high vantage point, quick loot, as well as a few vehicles that your squad can hijack.

Too hot of a drop for you? Players can establish a quick getaway with the main gondola station that slowly but surely brings its passengers to the safer Runway.

Hide from fighter planes at the Shark Pen Submarine Base

Shark Pen Submarine Base location in Call of Duty Warzone map Caldera
Credit: Activision

With Vanguard Royale introducing fighter planes to Warzone’s gunplay, the best place to seek cover from the skies is the Shark Pen Submarine Base, labeled L on the Tac Map.

The largest building in Caldera, the Sub Pen lets you and your squad loot freely with a roof over your head. If there are planes in the vicinity, the structure comes with a built-in anti-air gun, ready to shoot them out of the sky.

There are also smaller buildings around the Sub Pen’s perimeter that can give you enough firepower to clean out the main complex.

Airfield is the best location for planes

Airfield location in Call of Duty Warzone map Caldera
Credit: Activision

If you’re keen on dogfighting until the last circle, Airfield is your go-to location in Caldera, labeled J on the Tac Map.

Staying true to the location’s name, the Airfield usually offers more planes than anywhere else on Caldera. Your best bet on snagging one of these flying machines is the main hangar.

Outside of Vanguard Royale, the location is a prime looting spot for its solid sprawl of barracks, secondary hangars, and station buildings.

Phosphate Mines is perfect for gatekeeping

Phosphate Mines location in Call of Duty Warzone map Caldera
Credit: Activision

Are you missing the chemical stench of the Karst River Salt Mines? You can now head to Caldera’s Phosphate Mines as a tropical alternative.

Labeled E on the Tac Map, the Mines is a strategic holding point for big-brain operators. One of the most central locations in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific, it has a high chance of being part of the first circle.

The main advantage of playing around this location is its cliff-like landscape. You can easily gatekeep from the main processing building, raining bullets on flatfooted squads from the hillside all the way down to the excavation site.

You and your squad can admire the street attractions in Capital City

Capital City location in Call of Duty Warzon map Caldera
Credit: Activision

For a more stylish view of Call of Duty’s Caldera, operators can take a stroll through Capital City, the southern-most part of the island.

Home to the Capitol Building, the Royal Theater, and the downtown district, Capital City provides a more lively backdrop to Warzone’s firefights.

Newcomers can expect close-quarters combat on the streets and strong lookout points from multistory buildings like the Hall and the Library.

For more information about Call of Duty Warzone Pacific’s Caldera, you can check out the official blog post.

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