Updated at September 8, 3:45 a.m. (GMT+8): Updated loadout to most recent attachments and tuning.

The TAQ 56 has been a dominant weapon in Modern Warfare 2 Season 4, and with this build, it just keeps getting better.

Call of Duty guru Hero has shared the TAQ 56 loadout he uses to dominate lobbies. While a bit exaggerated, Hero claimed his last TAQ 56 build was “so heavenly and godly powerful that it obliterates any freaking being here in MW2 MP,” and we can expect this to be just as good.

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Hero promises this TAQ 56 loadout will deliver everything you want in Modern Warfare 2

Hero shows off his TAQ 56 loadout in Modern Warfare 2
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

With what he calls his “#1 TAQ 56 build,” he guarantees the fastest time to kill possible, the lowest amount of recoil, and optimized tuning.

He starts things off with the RF Crown 50 muzzle, which he uses to aid in both horizontal and vertical recoil control. This, in turn, gives it better long-range capabilities.

In terms of the laser, Hero goes with the tried and true Schlager PEQ Box IV. The aim-down-sight speed provides more snappiness without losing anything else.

For the third attachment, he chooses the Edge-47 Grip to improve aiming idle stability and recoil stabilization.

And lastly, for the rear grip, Hero goes with the FSS Combat grip for even greater emphasis on recoil control.

MuzzleRF Crown 50+0.52, +0.24
LaserSchlager PEQ Box IV-0.39, -34.55
UnderbarrelEdge-47 Grip+0.65, +0.28
Mag40 Round MagN/A
Rear GripFSS Combat Grip-0.61, -0.36

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