If you’re looking for the list of the best weapons to use in Warzone 2, look no further. There are plenty of viable weapons, but a select few have risen to the top.

Call of Duty expert WhosImmortal has given us the list of the top 10 best weapons in the current Warzone 2 meta ranked from worst to best.

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These are the best Warzone 2 weapons you need to be using

WhosImmortal shows one of guns in his top 10 best Warzone 2 loadouts
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

In the video, WhosImmortal ranks the Warzone 2 loadouts in descending order and so shall we. So without further ado, here are the top 10 weapons in Warzone 2.

10. Vaznev 9k

The Vaznev 9k is a very mobile and quick-to-kill weapon in shorter ranges, making it one of the best SMGs and guns to use. The range is what keeps this weapon from landing higher up the list.

Rear GripTrue-Tac Grip-0.55, -0.22
BarrelKAS-1 381MM-0.27, -0.15
LaserFSS OLE-V Laser-0.24, -31.26
StockMarkeev R7 Stock-2.32, +1.55
Mag45-Round MagN/A

9. Lachmann Sub

The Lachmann sub aka the Mp5 is one of the fastest weapons in the game, giving it great movement and quick engagements. Similar to other weapons in the upper half of this list, this weapon is typically great in some situations, but not as great overall.

Rear GripLachmann TCG-10-0.52, -0.28
BarrelLC8 Falcon 226MM-0.29, -0.26
LaserVLK LZR 7MW-0.23, -32.90
UnderbarrelLockgrip Precision-40-0.44, -0.25
Mag40-Round MagN/A

8. VEL 46

The VEL 46 was pushed even further up the chain with the recent buffs the weapon received, making it well deserving of a top-eight spot. According to WhosImmortal, “it’s fast, it’s easy to use, great TTK, especially in the close to mid-range.”

Rear GripSchlager Soldier 6-0.45, -0.28
MuzzleLockshot KT85-0.49, +0.16
LaserVLK LZR 7MW-0.27, -29.61
UnderbarrelSchlager Tango-0.49, -0.26
StockDemo RXT Stock-1.94, +1.47

7. PDSW 528

Coming in at number seven is the PDSW 528, otherwise known as the P90. This weapon is on par with the Mp7, with a lot of their stats being able to be “flip-flopped” according to WhosImmortal. You could use whichever you prefer if you are trying to decide between the two.

OpticCromen Mini Pro-1.55, -2.25
MuzzleLockshot KT85+0.52, +0.26
LaserVLK LZR 7MW-0.27, -26.32
Rear GripBruen Q900 Grip-0.68, -0.29
CombTV TacComb-0.21, -0.14

6. Chimera

The Chimera slides in at number six, and WhosImmortal says only one thing is holding this weapon back from being a top four. The velocity of the weapon is “a little bit lacking” when comparing it to the weapons that best it on the list.

Barrel6.5″ EXF Vorpal+0.34, +0.26
UnderbarrelSchlager Tango-0.41, -0.21
LaserVLK LZR 7MW-0.23, -27.97
Rear GripBruen Flash Grip+0.65, -0.28
Mag45-round mag-0.21, -0.14


What WhosImmortal refers to as the “powerhouse” of Warzone 2, the RAAL MG, comes in at number five. How come a weapon with such a title not be higher? Well, it’s “painfully slow” according to the YouTuber. Moving around with the weapon is torture, but once you’re in combat, nothing competes at range.

Barrel21″ EXF Rhino Barrel+0.29, +0.22
UnderbarrelXRK Dune grip+0.36, +0.17
MuzzleShred CP90+0.52, +0.27
Rear GripStip-40 Grip+0.74, +0.30
OpticAIM OP-V4-1.45, -1.65

4. M4

Nobody should be surprised that the M4 makes the cut for the top four. The weapon is dubbed as “reliable” in the video thanks to “easy recoil, good movement for a rifle, good damage, good range,” he explains.

Mag45 Round MagN/A
UnderbarrelEdge-46 Grip+0.44, +0.25
MuzzleEcholess-80-0.68, +0.48
Ammo5.56 High Velocity+0.45, +5.52
OpticAIM OP-V4-1.65, -1.65

3. Kastov 74u

Breaking into the top three is the Kastov 74u. This weapon is capable of beating SMGs up close while doing the same against rifles in the mid-range. That versatility is why it’s placed so highly in the list of the best Warzone 2 loadouts.

Mag45 Round MagN/A
BarrelBR209 Barrel+0.18, -0.19
LaserFSS OLE-V Laser-0.24, -27.97
Rear GripDEMO-X2 Grip-0.65, -0.22
StockMarkeev R7 Stock-2.19, -1.32

2. TAQ-56

The TAQ-56 has been a dominant weapon and making it into the top two was an absolute given. This may not have the best TTK, but the accuracy of this weapon means all your bullets will connect. That accuracy is what makes this weapon as dangerous as it is.

Mag40 Round MagN/A
UnderbarrelEdge-47 Grip+0.41, +0.22
Ammo5.56 High Velocity+0.27, +5.81
Rear GripFSS Combat Grip+0.55, +0.26
MuzzleEcholess-80-0.72, +0.42

1. ISO Hemlock

Given it wasn’t anywhere else on the list, you should be able to guess the ISO Hemlock is what comes in at the top spot. The weapon is so strong it was banned in the Call of Duty League and Modern Warfare 2 ranked, and it continues to dominate Warzone 2.

This weapon is an absolute laser with insane TTK.

Mag45 Round MagN/A
BarrelFielder-T50+0.24, +0.22
Ammo5.56 High Velocity+0.45, +6.39
OpticAIM OP-V4-1.16, -1.65
MuzzleEcholess-80+0.54, +0.23

And there you have it. The top 10 best meta weapons for Warzone 2 for you to try. Each can be fitting to specific playstyles, so we recommend selecting a few.

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