Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 is upon us, and with it comes a brand new Battle Pass.

The Season 3 Battle Pass is packed to the brim with new cosmetics, experience boosts, operators, and more. If you’re wondering what is available and from which sector, then this is for you.

The Season 3 Battle Pass has a premium version called the BlackCell

The BlackCell battle pass rewards in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 3
Credit: Activision Blizzard

According to the official post, players who purchase the Battle Pass will automatically unlock the new Alejandro and Valeria operators. These are only the default skins for both operators, with more becoming available as you progress the pass.

In addition, the BlackCell Battle Pass comes with 20 battle token tier skips, allowing you to “immediately unlock one of the two free functional weapons” from the Battle Pass. If you’re on PlayStation, you’ll receive an additional five tokens.

If you want even more, you can buy your way through the pass for 150 COD Points per skip via the tokens.

Yu can find all the sectors and the loot available within them below.

C010% Boost, 150 Trophies, El Dorado Blueprint, Alejandro Operator, Valeria Operator
C1Two Sides/Same Coin Calling Card, 1 hour XP boost, Snake and Roses Emblem, Buckel Up Weapon Charm, Course Champion Blueprint
C215-minute weapon XP boost, 15-minute XP boost, Mano De La Muerte Blueprint, Caballo Salvaje ATV skin, Gaz Takedown Blackcell skin
C3Deathstalker Decal, 30-minute XP boost, Sin Nombre Blueprint, Air Superiority chopper skin, Aksel El Verdugo skin
C4Cartel Control weapon sticker, 30-minute weapon XP boost, By The Horns charm, Vaqueros Decal, FJX Imperium sniper rifle
C5Calvaras weapon sticker, 100 COD points, 15-minute weapon XP boost, Talons and Fangs Decal, Manhunter Blueprint
C6Match Point Blueprint, 1-hour Battle Pass XP boost, 1-hour weapon XP boost, 1 hour XP boost, 100 COD points
C7Crotalo Blueprint, Cold Steel Cold Stare Emblem, Cold Steel Cold Stare Calling Card, War Tracks: 90s Dance Pack, Rio Rico PWC skin
C8100 COD points, 15-minute XP boost, Bravo 7-1 Blueprint, Better Days Chop Top skin, Soap Capture Or Kill Operator Skin
C9100 COD points, La Arana Blueprint, Death’s Pet sticker, Scorpious charm, Stiletto Mostquita Muerta Operator Skin
C10Face Off Calling Card, Face Off Emblem, La Sombra Blueprint, Chopping Block Finishing Move, Farah Road Rage Operator Skin
C11Las Almas Cartel sticker, 45-minute weapon XP boost, Very Valeria charm, El Sin Nombre decal, Cronen Squall Battle Rifle
C12Viper’s Rose Emblem, Sparked Fury Calling Card, Rain and Fire Loading Screen, Gunt with Grit Emblem, Titleholder Blueprint
C13100 COD points, Golden Approval charm, Ni Muerto Blueprint, Mobile Menace LTV skin, 100 COD points
C14Broken Calling Card, Guns and Glasses Emblem, Broken Bonds Loading Screen, War Tracks: Spanish Party Pack, Rio Tranquilo RHIB skin
C151 hour XP boost, Your Move Calling Card, Chamuco Blueprint, 100 COD points, Gus El Santo Operator skin
C16Fire and Ice Emblem, Furious Foes Calling Card, Undefeated Blueprint, 200 COD points
C17Out for Blood Loading Screen, Smokin’ Dead decal, 1-hour weapon XP boost, El Aguijon APC skin, Dead Center Blueprint
C18No Love Lost Loading Screen, Clashing Giants sticker, Vicious Vargas charm, Dusk Runner Cargo Truck skin, Viboron Blueprint
C19100 COD points, 45-minute XP boost, Huay Chivo Blueprint, Desert Scorpion UTV skin, Chuy Teniente Operator skin
C20100 COD points, 1 hour XP boost, Nullify Blueprint, Steel Caracara Light Helo skin, Ghost Nightwar Operator skin

Once you’ve completed all of the normal sectors, you’ll unlock the Victory sector. This final section will provide you with even more rewards, including the Alejandro Vaquero and Valeria El Sin Nombre operator skins.

Victory300 COD Points, Vaquero 141 Blueprint, Alejandro Vaquero Operator skin, La Espina Blueprint, Valeria El Sin Nombre Operator skin

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