Artificial intelligence, commonly known as AI, has become a topic of great interest since the introduction of ChatGPT by OpenAI in 2022.

ChatGPT is an advanced language model that offers extensive capabilities, ranging from answering questions and providing explanations to generating human-like text and aiding in creative writing or language translation. By simulating human-like conversation, it strives to deliver meaningful responses based on the input it receives.

In the wake of its launch, numerous renowned software programs, including Adobe and Google, have incorporated AI-related features into their offerings, further highlighting the significance and widespread adoption of this technology.

For those captivated by AI, here is a compelling selection of five sci-fi anime shows that delve into the intricate complexities associated with this cutting-edge technology.

5 best sci fi anime shows that explore the complexities of artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Psycho Pass
  • Serial Experiments Lain
  • Ergo Proxy
  • ID: Invaded

Ghost in the Shell

One of the best sci fi anime, Ghost in the Shell
Credit: Production I.G

Ghost in the Shell is a renowned anime series, initially released in 1995 and based on Masamune Shirow’s manga of the same name. Set in a captivating futuristic world, the story revolves around Motoko Kusanagi, an enigmatic cyborg police officer, as she embarks on a quest to apprehend a mysterious hacker known as “The Puppet Master.”

With its intricate and profound plot, Ghost in the Shell delves into philosophical themes, exploring the nature of humanity, the convergence of man and machine, and the implications of scientific progress. This anime presents a complex narrative that may not be suitable for those seeking simplistic storytelling.

Ghost in the Shell is widely acclaimed for its portrayal of a futuristic society and its attention to detail in depicting cyborgs and related technologies. The series’ action sequences are particularly enthralling, featuring intense gunfights and thrilling combat sequences.

Ghost in the Shell boasts stunning visuals and a distinctive soundtrack that contribute to the creation of a unique and immersive atmosphere. It has garnered a reputation as an anime classic, hailed as one of the finest and most influential series in the history of the medium.


Sci fi anime Psycho Pass
Credit: Production I.G

Psycho-Pass, a highly acclaimed anime series, made its debut in 2012 under Production IG. Set in a not-too-distant future, the anime presents a world where a system to monitor the human mind has been developed and implemented to uphold public order.

The characters in Psycho-Pass, particularly Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kogami, and Tomomi Masaoka, have captured the hearts of viewers. Audiences appreciate their distinct personal growth and admirable moral compass as they navigate the challenges presented in a complex and modern society.

What sets Psycho-Pass apart is its engrossing and thought-provoking plot, characterized by suspenseful twists, unexpected scenarios, and robust character development. Additionally, the anime receives praise for its captivating visuals and a harmonious musical score that contribute to its distinctive atmosphere.

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Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain poster
Credit: Triangle Staff

Serial Experiments Lain introduces artificial intelligence as a dualistic entity encompassing both the spiritual and physical realms, manifesting as a global internet network known as The Wired. The protagonist, Lain Iwakura, embarks on a journey of exploration and interaction within The Wired, ultimately merging with its essence.

At the core of this anime series lies a fundamental question: Does The Wired possess genuine artificial intelligence, capable of independent thought and consciousness akin to an unseen entity?

However, Serial Experiments Lain intentionally leaves this inquiry unanswered, opting instead to focus on probing the impact of technology on individuals, ethics, and the future of humanity in an evolving virtual world.

Serial Experiments Lain garners appreciation for its remarkable plot and intricate psychological undertones. With enigmatic and poignant episodes, it challenges the audience to delve into profound inquiries surrounding sexuality, religion, and the trajectory of human existence.

Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy DVD set
Credit: Manglobe

Ergo Proxy, a science fiction anime series produced by Manglobe in 2006, takes viewers on a journey alongside protagonist Re-L Mayer. Set in a polluted and fragmented future world, Re-L, an inspector, stumbles upon a profound secret regarding the emergence of human-like entities known as “AutoReivs” and “Proxy.”

The allure of Ergo Proxy lies in its intricate plot and stunning artistic execution, showcasing unexpected and captivating details. It delves into the essence of its characters and explores the intricate dynamics between them. Additionally, the series provokes thought and poses profound questions about humanity, religion, and the destiny of our species.

Within Ergo Proxy, AutoReivs play a significant role as AI characters. Originally designed as automated robots to assist and serve humanity in daily life, these AutoReivs have deviated from their intended purpose, giving rise to unsettling problems. Protagonist Re-L Mayer delves deep into the nature of the AutoReivs in her quest to unravel this enigma.

ID: Invaded

ID: Invaded wallpaper
Credit: NAZ

ID: Invaded, an anime series produced by NAZ in 2020, immerses viewers in the captivating tale of Sakaido, a special police officer who becomes a prisoner and a tool for delving into the virtual realms known as “Id Wells” within the minds of criminals. This series garnered admiration for its compelling plot, striking artwork, and mesmerizing music, skillfully employing digital aesthetics to craft intricate and visually stunning spaces.

Within the context of ID: Invaded, artificial intelligence is personified through the character John Walker, an AI created to assist criminals in bypassing real-world security systems. John Walker serves as a complex and unpredictable presence in the anime, and the exploration of this character’s nature and purpose forms a significant part of the series’ overarching narrative.

Overall, ID: Invaded stands as a highly engaging anime series with a captivating storyline, stunning artwork, and exceptional music.

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