A co-branded roster between two of the “best in the East and West” is set to compete in League of Legends: Wild Rift in the Philippines.

The Filipino esports division of Tier One Entertainment, Blacklist International, and globally-renowned organization G2 Esports, announced a team-up to form G2 Blacklist.

Tier One Studios is also set to debut “The Bootcamp,” a brand-new series that will follow the Wild Rift team’s esports journey.

Tier One and G2 kick off their partnership with new Wild Rift roster

Blacklist International and G2 Esports form G2 Blacklist
Credit: Tier One Entertainment

The joint venture between the two esports organizations aims to establish a world-class roster in the growing Wild Rift esports scene.

Blacklist made it big with its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports team, a roster that has won three MPL PH championships. The organization won its first world championship when Blacklist dominated M3 in 2021. They also came close to winning another world championship this year, losing to ECHO in the grand final at M4.

“G2 Blacklist is a ‘1 + 2 = 4’ type of partnership,” said Tryke Gutierrez, the CEO of Tier One Entertainment. “Two of the most popular and competitive teams in their respective regions working together is something truly special.”

“I think this is a game-changer not just for Wild Rift Esports, but for the industry as a whole,” Gutierrez continued. “Alongside G2, we’re looking forward to bringing the Blacklist brand to new audiences around the world.”

Meanwhile, G2 has assembled multiple world championship contending rosters across popular titles such as League of Legends, CS:GO, and Rocket League. G2’s star-studded CS:GO roster recently won Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2023.

“We’re combining the best of the East and the West to take a new esports competition by storm,” said Alban Dechelotte, the CEO of G2 Esports. “As two major winning organizations, the G2 and Blacklist partnership is one that was created with big ambitions.”

“Blacklist is a winning team, full of successful people that have helped them dominate the mobile esports market,” Dechelotte continued. “Asia is where Wild Rift is set to succeed and we wanted to be part of it and bring a G2 team to our fans in the region.”

Blacklist has already made significant waves in the mobile esports spaces and G2 is looking to capitalize on the exponential growth of the mobile esports market in Southeast Asia.

G2 Blacklist new logo
Credit: Tier One Entertainment

The two organizations created a new logo combining Blacklist and G2’s iconic symbols to commemorate their partnership. The new venture will also receive support from world-renowned Philippine street artist Juanito “Quiccs” Maiquez, who will unveil a bespoke and exclusive art piece in the near future.

Tier One shared with ONE Esports its complete roster.

G2 Blacklist’s roster

Karl Ken “Karlll” BautistaBaron
Jairus Allain “Jace” ElgeraJungle
Jhon Mike “Xyliath” TungolMid
Richard “Demon” LaraDragon
Beaver-ed “Orthros” VillanuevaSupport/captain
Allen Dean “Don” ViolaSub/baron
Hans “WUrahhhh” SolanoHead coach
Keiya “XDXP” LauretaAssistant coach

The newly announced roster will debut in the Phase 2 Qualifiers of the Wild Rift League Asia on Friday, February 17, 2023.

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