Sentinels have finally debuted their first Wild Rift roster. Following the team’s tryout announcement, Sentinels signed esports organization 30K, headed by Michael Udall.

The roster comprises a mix of mobile gaming professionals and experienced MOBA players. They’ve since placed 4th in the first open qualifier for the 2021 Wild Rift Summoner Series, beating Cloud9.

The Sentinels Wild Rift roster is as follows: 

  • Top lane: Matt “MTS” Stover
  • Jungler: Kevin “Sheesh” Chavez
  • Mid lane: Michael Udall
  • ADC: Tanner “Rest” Scadden
  • Support: Jacob “Beginnings” Chavez
  • Coach: Willian “ThePierceJ”

Former Arena of Valor champions join the Sentinels Wild Rift roster

Rest and MTS were players for the American Arena of Valor team Allegiance, where they played support and side lane respectively. 

They won both the NA Valor Series Season 1 and Season 2 championship, and competed in the 2018 Arena of Valor World Championship, representing the North American region, where their team placed 5th-8th. 

“Sentinels was always an organization I had been looking at in NA, especially with all their recent accomplishments,” MTS stated. “Can’t wait to finally compete in NA again with a fresh start and win some trophies.”

Rest, formerly a support player in Arena of Valor, will now be playing the ADC role for the Sentinels Wild Rift roster. Despite the role swap, he’s confident that he can make the adjustments needed.

Support player Jacob “Beginnings” Chavez also came from Arena of Valor, and won the NA Valor Series Season 3 championship. In 2019, his team placed 5th-8th in the 2019 Arena of Valor World Championship. 

He’s more than happy to be back in the competitive scene, especially under such a renowned esports team. 

“I know my potential is a lot greater than what it was when I played before,” Beginnings said. “I can’t wait for this team to become the best in NA.”

New blood and a MOBA veteran wrap up the Sentinels Wild Rift roster

First-time competitive player Kevin “Sheesh” Chavez went from ranked leaderboards to pro player in a few months. Sheesh has turned heads on champions like Olaf, Xin, and Camille.

Meanwhile, mid laner Michael Udall has plenty of experience in PC MOBAs. With credentials in Heroes of the Storm and Dota 2, Udall was beyond excited to join Sentinels. 

“I watched Bugha win the Fortnite World Cup live and was solidified as a Sentinels fan after the Valorant World Championship. Sentinels know how to build and support winning teams,” said Udall. 

The team came together just a few days before the first open qualifiers. Udall is aware there’s a lot the team need to work on, but is determined to bring Sentinels both a regional and a world championship in Wild Rift.

Sentinels placed 5th-6th at the first major of the Wild Rift Summoner Series. The team will be back for the second Major, with open qualifiers scheduled to begin on August 16.

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