Imagine this: you just discovered a really good Valorant highlight clip and as you are scrolling through the comments section, you read one guy typed in “Sheesh!” What is sheesh, and why is everyone saying it all of a sudden?

Sheesh meaning

Sinatraa, Sentinels, Valorant
Credit: Sentinels

“Sheesh” is simply an expression of amazement, excitement, or awe. In gaming, players have been using the term to show their exaggerated appreciation for beautiful plays (or disgusting plays in gamer slang).

The origins of sheesh

Alexander Shatov, Social media icons
Credit: Alexander Shatov

“Sheesh” was first used in 1955, about 66 years ago, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary.

In the 2010s, the expression was made more popular by basketball superstar LeBron James.

Fast forward to 2020, when Tiktok user @earltthechicken posted this video of him on a mid-day sneaker meet up with his friends. In every showcase of so-called “sneaker pairs”, you can hear @earlthechicken’s very mellow sheesh reactions.

The expression was picked up by some of our gamer buddies, and it became a viral word among players which is why a lot of the community members have been saying it since last year.

Sheesh in Valorant and gaming

Valorant, sheesh, tweet
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ ONE Esports

Perhaps the most popular esports player to have uttered the word is Jay “Sinatraa” Won.

The Valorant player not only uses it in his own disgusting plays but on some of his gaming mishaps too. Sometimes, Sinatraa sheeesh-es on a totally random note, because why not?

Another player and streamer in the scene, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, has been spotted holding a sign with the word in it as posted by his girlfriend Hannah “Bnans” Kenney.

Valorant, Shroud, Sheesh
Credit: Shroud

OfflineTV’s very own Twitch streamer Leslie “Fuslie” Fu has jumped on the bandwagon as well after successfully killing a Killjoy player during one of her Valorant streams.

This gave birth to the “Sheesh Song”, arranged by YouTube content creator and musician elevate using Fuslie’s very own version of the trending expression.

Now that you know the origins of the expression and how to use it properly, you are now ready to sheeesh your way through your Valorant ranked games!

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