A new Valorant skin collection is dropping alongside patch 4.09. The Titanmail skin bundle appears made for those who enjoy brute force, featuring aggressive metallic edges and bright neon thorns.

This prickly skin line is all pointy tips and metal, with a vaguely medieval look to it that evokes the armor of knights in Arthurian legend.

It is capped off with the inclusion of a menacing mace-like weapon that looks like something straight out of a fantasy novel, complete with glowing, levitating blades on its end.

The Titanmail bundle is expected to be a Deluxe Edition weapon, which means no additional color variants or upgrades like finishers.

Valorant goes medieval with the Titanmail skin bundle

The bundle comes with skins for the Vandal, Ares, Frenzy, and Bucky, in addition to the mace melee skin. This is one of the more unique melee skins released so far in Valorant, and it even comes with its own animation, where the blades spin as you’re holding the weapon.

The melee skin appears to be the only one in the bundle that will let you purchase an upgrade in order to unlock the animation.

Riot has not yet released the official pricing for the bundle, but if previous Deluxe Edition skins are anything to go by, it should cost around 5,100 VP.

The Night Market is also returning on May 18, if you’re feeling lucky and are looking to grab additional skins at a discounted price.

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