Valorant’s new Prelude to Chaos skin bundle is infused with a dark energy from the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

The dark sci-fi inspired design oozes raw power, an unabashed nod to the “edgelords who love sci-fi,” said Sean Marino, Associate Art Director on Valorant.

The skins look like the sort of weapons a race of evil spacefaring wizards would wield, complete with a massive two-handed sword to cleave your opponents in two.

The Prelude to Chaos skin bundle is for those who love the Reaver skins

The new skin line borrows heavily from shooters like Quake III, Half-Life, and UT99. “I’ve always had nostalgia for the industrial, heavy shapes mixed with potent and often unstable energy sources,” said Principal Artist Chris Stone.

That inspiration is reflected in the Prelude to Chaos skins, which feature a pulsing energy source on some weapons that look almost like a black hole.

The bundle comes with skins for the Vandal, Operator, Stinger, Shorty, and melee, all decked out in a default black-and-purple theme with four levels of upgrades.

Level 2 adds muzzle flash effects and unique firing audio, Level 3 grants custom idle, equip, reload, and inspect animations, while Level 4 gives you the much-coveted kill banner and finisher. Green and red, silver and green, and blue variants are also available.

The finisher summons what looks like a gateway to hell beneath the enemy player, who is then bound by chains and literally swallowed by the ground.

When you equip the Blade of Chaos sword, a thrum of energy runs from the hilt to the tip of the blade, as if you’re holding a bolt of pure power.

“Looking at Reaver, the audio and animations were what sold the power fantasy the most, so we invested a lot into custom animations and sounds for the reload, equip, idle, and inspect,” added Marino.

“When you’re wielding that sword and firing the guns, you should feel like you’re on an absolute rampage.”

There is no player card included in the bundle, but the collection does come with a gun buddy and spray. It will cost 8,700 VP when it hits the store on June 22.

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