Valorant patch 3.0 introduced many changes to the game’s agents and weapons that shifted the meta. 

All agents received price increases to their tool kits, which made Valorant more about gunplay than agent ability usage.

Some agents received buffs after Riot Games tweaked their kit, while others became better options because their counterparts got nerfed.

The top 3 agents to climb rank on Valorant patch 3.0


Credit: Riot Games

Breach was one of the few agents that Riot Games blessed with buffs in Valorant patch 3.0.

His Fault Line’s full charge time was decreased from 1.5 to 1, and width increased from 600 to 750.

The most important change to Breach’s stun was its concussion duration, which increased from 3 to 3.5.

Since the Operator’s price was reduced from 5,000 to 4,700 credits, there will be more players holding angles with the one-shot sniper rifle. In turn, this makes Breach’s Fault Line a top-tier ability, for the new changes to its stun mechanic make it more punishing and difficult to dodge.

Breach’s After Shock now explodes three times, each blast dealing 60 damage with no fall off. Using this to stop opponents from moving forward could be pivotal during post-plant situations. 

Rolling Thunder’s width was increased to 2,300 as well. As such, Breach’s ultimate can now cover the entire site, which is perfect for entry plays.


Credit: Riot Games

Skye also lost a flash charge with Valorant patch 3.0. Riot Games reduced her Guiding Light’s charges from 3 to 2, but she can still throw more than two flashes each round. 

Guiding Light flashes now replenish after a 40-second cooldown. Skye’s flash is easier to control because she no longer needs to re-equip to activate them, and it goes around corners tighter.

The Trailblazer scout had its vision radius increased from 1,750 to 2,250, while its maximum concussion duration increased from 3 to 4. 


Credit: Riot Games

Cypher made it to this list for two reasons. Since his counterpart, Killjoy, received impactful nerfs to Alarmbot and Turret, Cypher’s value as a Sentinel agent just went up.

The second reason is that Jett’s Tailwind dash no longer breaks Cypher’s Trapwires. While Jett is still one of the best entry agents in Valorant, Cypher can now counter her rush plays.

While most agents in Valorant patch 3.0 received nerfs to their abilities and economy, that doesn’t mean they are unplayable. This update intends for players to put more thought into how they spend their abilities and credits each round.

Check out the full Valorant patch 3.0 on Riot Games official website here.

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