With a new patch comes yet another new skin bundle. The new Kohaku and Matsuba collection takes inspiration from traditional Japanese motifs, featuring orange and black koi leaping across each of its weapons.

This is a relatively modest bundle with no special audio or visual effects, but there are white and black variants of each weapon so you can pick the one that suits you best.

The bundle’s names derive from Japanese terms for different varieties koi. Kohaku refers to a koi with a white body and red markings, while matsuba describes single-color fish with a black reticulation pattern.

Kohaku and Matsuba skin bundle is all about koi

The Kohaku and Matsuba collection features skins for the Phantom, Operator, Judge, Classic, and melee weapons. In Japan, the koi is a symbol of luck, prosperity, and good fortune — and it will hopefully usher in a smooth grind up the ranked ladder for all who equip the bundle.

The Kohaku variant of the weapons is white with the iconic white-and-orange carp frolicking on the gun body, while the Matsuba variant is black and maroon with black-patterned koi shimmying across its surface.

Finally, the Equilibrium melee is a traditional paper fan that resembles the one in the Celestial bundle, opening up in a beautiful flourish. When the inspect animation is triggered, you’ll start fanning yourself.

The bundle is expected to cost 7,100 VP when it hits the store. It will be available alongside the Champions 2022 collection.

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