Community Gaming and Riot Games are looking to make some noise with the Valorant Elite Showdown tournament featuring the best teams in North America.

With Valorant Champions 2021 still a ways away, the tournament hopes to showcase high-level FPS action from teams that stood out during the 2021 VCT season, such as Andbox, T1, and NRG.

What is the Valorant Elite Showdown?

Credit: Community Gaming

Organized by Community Gaming and Riot Games, the event will have the top Valorant squads in North America competing for US$25,000.

According to the event host, “Valorant Elite Showdown is the latest example of Community Gaming’s trailblazing efforts in the grassroots VALORANT ecosystem.”

Valorant Elite Showdown schedule and results

Gen.G Esports s0m at DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020 North America
Credit: HLTV

The tournament kicks off on November 11, 2021, and runs until November 14, 2021.

Round of 16 — (Sunday, November 14)

Pittsburgh Knights2 — 0Border Monsters
Evil Geniuses2 — 1Actually Homeless
ex-Serenity0 — 2Teal Seam
SoaR2 — 0Bait Academy
NRG2 — 1Akrew
Ghost Gaming2 — 1Soniqs
Pioneers2 — 1TSM Academy
Built By Gamers2 — 0DarkZero

Quarterfinals — (Sunday, November 14)

Pittsburgh Knights2 — 0Evil Geniuses
Teal Seam2 — 1SoaR
NRG2 — 0Ghost Gaming
Pioneers2 — 1Built By Gamers

Finals — (Monday, November 15)


Pittsburgh Knights2 — 1Teal Seam
NRG0 — 2Pioneers

Grand Final

Pittsburgh Knights1 — 2Pioneers

Valorant Elite Showdown’s tournament format

T1 signs autimatic to its Valorant roster
Credit: T1

The main event kicks off with 64 teams competing in a GSL Groups format. The tournament then shifts into a high-stakes single-elimination bracket for the remaining 32 teams.

All main event matches will be best-of-three, including the grand final.

Teams that are competing in the event

Skadoodle at DreamHack Astro Summer Open 2017
Credit: Skadoodle

The tournament’s main event will feature 32 invited teams and 32 qualified teams.

According to Community Gaming’s blog post, seasoned pro teams Andbox, T1, Immortals, Complexity Gaming, NRG, and more will be participating. 

Where to watch the matches live

VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin, Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant fans can watch the matches live on Community Gaming’s official Twitch channel.

For more information, go to Community Gaming’s official site.

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