The Paper Rex Secretlab chair debuted on July 6, 2023 but with a catch — you can only view them on the team’s social media pages.

These exclusive chairs are absent from Secretlab’s store because they were custom made for the Paper Rex’s players and staff.

Fans however, are already eager to buy them, with many commenting “take my money!”, “going to buy when its released”, and “amazing details.”

We too, would like to own one. In the first place, its Secretlab NEO Hybrid Leatherette base isn’t your typical black, grey, or white. Even when you compare it with other colorful special editions, you can tell its different.

Paper Rex f0rsaken at Masters Reykjavik 2022
Credit: Riot Games

In this exclusive with ONE Esports, Paper Rex tells us what went into making their Secretlab chair, the meaning behind its design, and where they’re going to put them.

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For now, all you can do is admire these Paper Rex Secretlab chairs from a distance

The PRX Secretlab chairs use an ultraviolet base, which makes everything else stand out. The design includes an embroidered icy white Paper Rex logo on the front and back, an electric pink Secretlab logo at the top, and more details toward the bottom.

The three signature electric pink circle emblems hold deeper meaning, Paper Rex told ONE Esports. The topmost is a globe that’s turned towards Asia, showing Paper Rex’s home region. The second is their logomark, while the third represents their achievements at international competitions

Paper Rex Secretlab chair front view and back view
Credit: Paper Rex, ONE Esports

We especially love the chair’s pink and blue pixel-pattern side panels, which the team tells us was inspired by their first edition jersey design.

You’ll also notice that the chair includes a custom shoulder panel stitching with the Paper Rex’s mantra: #WGAMING.

Paper Rex Secretlab chair side view showing team's unique print
Credit: Paper Rex

Thanks to this partnership between Secretlab and Paper Rex, their training facilities in Singapore and Seoul, South Korea, where VCT Pacific is held, have been outfitted.

We want to buy them as much as you, but at the moment, these customized Paper Rex Secretlab chairs were made exclusively for the team’s use, and are not for sale.

Let’s cross our fingers together and hope that Secretlab makes them available in-store soon.

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