Calling all one-trick Valorant duelists looking to rank up their gaming setup.

Secretlab is collaborating with Riot Games to create two Secretlab Valorant chairs. The collection will include Jett and Reyna-themed gaming chairs, drawing inspiration from the agents’ distinctive themes.

The Secretlab Valorant collection was designed to commemorate the launch of Episode 7 Act 1, scheduled for June 27.

These two Secretlab Valorant chairs are perfect for Jett and Reyna mains

Jett and Reyna are two of the most popular agents in Valorant, according to Riot Games and Secretlab in the collection’s press release.

These new editions are the first agent-themed gaming chairs by Secretlab. The previous Valorant-themed gaming chairs from the company featured the Valorant Champions Tour’s Masters and Champions tournaments — esports events that saw the best Valorant teams competing for big prize money and international trophies.

The chairs have distinctive elements from the character design of Jett and Reyna and their respective agent abilities.

Secretlab Titan Evo Valorant Jett Edition

Secretlab Titan EVO Valorant Jett Edition gaming chair
Credit: Secretlab

The Jett Edition chair brings the swift-footed South Korean duelist to life. It features a white swirl on the shoulder and blue upholstery paneling, mirroring the cut of Jett’s iconic outfit. Her Blade Storm knives are stitched in detail on the backrest.

Secretlab Titan Evo Valorant Reyna Edition

Secretlab Titan EVO Valorant Reyna Edition
Credit: Secretlab

The Reyna Edition chair’s black and purple design evokes the Mexican duelist’s signature outfit. Reyna’s Empress ultimate is also on the seat, embroidered onto the chair’s backrest using the same tatami fill and satin stitching. Her ethereal Leer eye is prominently on the chair’s back, symbolizing the fear she strikes in her opponents.

To learn more about the chairs, visit Secretlab’s official website.

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