What happens when you put a Gucci salesman, a boxer, and a computer science engineer together?

The New York Fury is an eclectic mix of players from vastly differing backgrounds. Throw in a retired Dota 2 pro coaching the team from the other side of the world in Serbia, and you have what is possibly the biggest experiment in pro Valorant.

Put together just one week before the first VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers open qualifier, few expected this roster to go far — at least not yet.

But while the young team did not make it to the Main Event, every one of them knows that the grind is still on.

This is the story of the New York Fury

When New York gutted their original Valorant roster in early April, only one man remained. Former Version1 in-game leader Chad “Oderus” Miller helped build the current roster, and he’s also the one cooking up strategies for the team.

New York knew they wanted raw talent and a hunger to win. The remaining four players were plucked from Evil GeniusesFaZe Clan, Rise, and Soniqs, all promising rosters that had barely even scrapped the surface of what they were truly capable of.

Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond, Andrew “ShoT_UP” Orlowski, Jason “neptune” Tran, and Jason “JSUNG” Sung were all incredible players on their previous teams, and these four explosive young guns would now be representing New York.

YaBoiDre is a boxer, which means he could probably take on any other Valorant pro in real life — and win. Meanwhile, JSUNG used to work at Gucci, before he left that behind to click heads in Valorant. ShoT_Up is a computer science engineer in his spare time, but instead of joining the Valorant development team, he’s breaking the game with his highlight reels.

Neptune is the youngest member of the team at 19 years old. But he’s the definition of what it means to be a prodigy, going pro in CS:GO at just 13.

What will this team look like when they finally tap into their full potential? Catch NYFU: No Pressure on YouTube.

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