Valorant’s competitive community had mixed thoughts when Riot announced Killjoy. Mainly because of her one ability, the Turret. As it turns out, it is nowhere near as broken as they thought it would be.

The Turret takes a while before it detects an enemy. This means players can easily shoot it down or not worry about it initially when taking a fight. It also only has around 150 HP, so four bullets of the Phantom or Vandal will be enough to take it out.

Another reason why the Turret isn’t that powerful is its damage. The Turret shoots 3-bullet bursts that do 4-5 damage to armored targets and 10-12 damage to unarmored enemies. 

But the Turret does have other uses that players could benefit from. It could be used to gather information about the enemy team’s whereabouts. Killjoy is given an audio cue that the Turret has been taken down, similar to Cypher’s SpyCam and Trip Wires. It could also be used to clear out Omen’s smokes, or anyone who decides to push pass smokes.

It could even be used as bait. Instead of baiting your teammates the next time you’re rushing into a site, throw the Turret out to draw enemy fire while you and your team jump in for the kill.

The ability that we expect everyone will be talking about is Killjoy’s ultimate, the Lockdown. This beacon casts a wide net that is perfect for post plant situations. Once a team takes over a site, Killjoy can place this devastating tool at a safe location and wait for it to detonate after 13 seconds.

Players will be left with little to no time to defuse the spike, once the Lockdown ultimate has expired. On top of that, Killjoy has two molly charges with her Nanoswarm, which is why we expect her to be a high-value agent in upcoming competitive matches.

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