100 Thieves’ team captain, Spencer “Hiko” Martin has just dropped a 50-bomb in a Ranked match with teammate Josh “steel” Nissan on Valorant’s newest Icebox map.

The ex-CS:GO stars also recently moved to Los Angeles where they’ve been streaming in the 100 Thieves Cash App Compound. Hiko then played his first Icebox game, in which he racked up 50 kills against the enemy team. 

From watching the video, fans will notice that Hiko and his teammates’ callouts are a bit odd, because they just say “here” and continuously ping locations across the map. But, since Hiko utilizes an insane aiming ability, he kept getting multi-kills in most of the rounds.

There are major reasons, however, as to why Hiko was able to earn his ridiculous statline of 50/19/3 KDA. The first is that the Riot servers on the west coast were incredibly unstable, that most of the players in the lobby continuously kept getting disconnected. The second reason is that the match went into its late tiebreaker rounds, going all the way to an 18-16 final round score.

Credit: Hiko

Hiko followed up his insane 50-kill performance with a 2-0 win against Luminosity Gaming alongside his 100 Thieves squad. This sets up an exciting group stage winners’ match between 100 Thieves and Cloud9 on November 7 at the Nerd Street Gamers closed qualifier tournament for the North American First Strike series.

Meanwhile, for those wondering what the actual record is for most kills in a Valorant game. There’s a Reddit user by the name of lunariwnl who dropped a 73 kill game in an unrated game lobby. In the video, lunariwnl explains that he isn’t particularly good at the game. But, he believes he was dropped in an unrated game that was not on his skill level.

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