European organization G2 Esports has benched David “Davidp” Prins from its Valorant roster.

After walking away from First Strike Europe competition with much to be desired, G2 Esports has chosen to shake things up. It is notably dropping one of its active members who helped the team dominate the Valorant scene, as they won all seven Ignition Series events in Europe.

Prior to G2’s decision to bench Davidp, the team was defeated by the relatively unknown Team Heretics roster, who would eventually win their region’s First Strike tournament and claim the European Valorant throne.

In G2’s official statement, they specified that they’re still looking to improve. “We feel that a change in the direction of the team is needed and having evaluated the desire to deepen our flexibility moving forward has led to this decision,” they said.

Davidp also released his own statement which shed light on G2’s roster change decision. “The team needs a proper IGL and I respect their choice,” said Davidp. “I tried to be the [in-game leader] because we didn’t [have] one and to play all possible agents to suit the team.” Davidp decided to share this information to make sure people don’t speculate on what might have happened between him and the organization.

Davidp also shared the ups and downs of 2020, with him appreciating his G2 teammates who went on a perfect Ignition Series run. He also opened up about the passing of his father, which caused him to focus only on work. “I spent my time making myself busy to forget what happened because I refuse to accept it and I can’t let it go,” he lamented.

Although Davidp is still under contract, G2 explained that they will do all they can to support him in his future. Both parties are certain they will meet one another in the Valorant servers very soon.

With that said, G2 Esports is now searching for a proper in-game leader to complete its stacked Valorant roster. Despite winning seven straight Ignition Series events, the team has never had an IGL who would call the shots for the team. Players were given the freedom to play how they saw fit. But, with the team’s lackluster First Strike performance, the team is now looking for a player who would be able to call out plays and strategies for the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour next year.

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