Riot Games has unveiled the much-awaited VCT team capsules collections and skins for all the teams participating in the 2024 VCT (Valorant Champions Tour.) This collection is a collaborative initiative between the publisher and the 44 partnered teams across the globe.

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By buying these team capsules, fans can support their favorite teams through in-game purchases, with 50% of the profits from each team’s collection shared with teams throughout the 2024 season.

Leo Faria hopes to build sustainability in esports with VCT team capsules

“We’re excited to launch the VCT Team Capsules and give fans a way to directly support their favorite
teams and express their fandom in-game”, said Leo Faria, Global Head of Valorant Esports. “The
Capsules represent our commitment to building a thriving economic ecosystem around Valorant
Esports. Together with our partner teams, we are taking the next step to build a sustainable model for
esports and the greatest competitive experience in gaming.”

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Last year, a staggering USD 33 million from Valorant esports capsules was shared with partnered teams and the expanded offering for the 2024 VCT Season will provide more monetization opportunities around the sport. Teams co-created the skins, banners, and cards with Riot Games, guiding the unique look of the contents of each capsule.

What the VCT team capsules contain:

Riot Games has crafted a total of 44 team-specific capsules, each tailored to represent the unique identity of participating VCT teams. Team Capsules will feature:

● Classic with AR Inspect skins, unique firing audio, and recolored muzzle flash.
● A custom Player Card, co-created with teams.
● An exclusive Buddy and Spray set.

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Players can access these skins via the in-game Esports Hub throughout the VCT season, which will
provide an extended period of availability. Additionally, winners of global events will enjoy the privilege of
standalone storefront promotions, rewarding their performance at the biggest tournaments.

VCT Americas team capsules and designs

VCT EMEA team capsules and designs

VCT Pacific team capsules and designs

When do the VCT team capsules launch in-game?

Team Capsules for VCT Americas, EMEA, and Pacific will be available on February 21, with VCT China skins
launching in May to coincide with Masters Shanghai.

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The 2024 VCT circuit this year promises to be more thrilling than ever, with teams vying for supremacy across multiple global events. Top teams are currently competing in 4 Kickoff tournaments that will qualify 8 teams for Masters Madrid, the first international event of the year. The season will conclude with Champions, set to take place in Seoul this August.

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