The best players from all over Southeast Asia will go head-to-head at the VCT SEA Stage 2: Challengers Finals, with ten teams from six different regions.

We asked this weekend’s VCT broadcast team who viewers should keep their eyes on this weekend.

Here’s what they had to say:

X10 Patiphan

A former Overwatch player who made the jump to Valorant, Patiphan was part of the MiTH.Attitude team that won the ESL Thailand Championship in December 2020, part of Valorant: First Strike. He’s often seen on fiery agents like Phoenix or Raze, and has been seen tinkering around with Yoru plays. Patiphan is currently X10’s newest member, which Ilustrado says, makes him even more of a player to look out for.

“I’m really keeping an eye out for him, he’s one of Thailand’s most talented players. He’s also stepping into the shoes of Pooh1tap who is one of the region’s best duelists, on a SEA Masters-winning squad. The pressure he must be under to perform is probably immense.”

Bren Esports JessieVash

A veteran in the esports scene, JessieVash is a multi-talented player who has taken his skills to Valorant. A Sova main with Recon Bolt and Shock Dart lineups that would impress even Average Jonas, JessieVash is part of the Bren Esports formula that’s made them nearly unbeatable in the Philippine Valorant scene.

VCT SEA shoutcaster Vyminal says, “Jessievash is one of the most significant players in Philippine esports history for good reason. His passion and dedication to the scene are unmatched. Aside from years of experience in professional esports and raw mechanical skills, his attitude for being the best at what he does allows him to excel in the game.”

Paper Rex f0rsakeN

The younger brother of CS:GO champion xccurate, f0rsakeN was already exposed to the esports scene at a very early age. He’s one of the youngest players at the playoffs and has come into his own on one of Singapore’s top Valorant teams. VCT SEA shoutcaster Blackenblue commends his flexibility, being able to switch from high-performing duelist roles to initiators or sentinels in on series.

“He led his team to victory playing five different agents in a grueling five-map series over Team SMG, who have just come off of a 2nd place finish at the SEA Masters 1. He’s come in with a lot of potential and hype, and so far, he’s living up to all of it.”

BOOM Esports adrnking

Another versatile player is adrnking from Indonesia. Formerly a CS:GO pro player, adrnking is able take on both the duelist and sentinel role quite well, making him a mainstay on the list of MVPs throughout VCT in his region. VCT SEA shoutcaster Daks says that adrnking’s ability to adapt quickly makes him key to BOOM Esports’ victories.

“The attack and the defense: 2 sides of the same Valorant coin. Adrnking finds his face on each one, as few can mirror his level of expertise on both the Duelist and the Sentinel role. A pioneer of the highly competitive Indonesia scene, his standard of play has always been within the top. With a history of rifles notched under his belt, one can always rely on him to set things up and knock things down as he sees fit.”

X10 sScary

While part of X10’s dominance throughout the Asia Pacific region is because of top fraggers like ex-member Pooh1Tap, it’s also because of players like sScary whose work is largely in the shadows. Mostly seen on Omen or Brimstone, sScary often lays the groundwork for X10 to execute their plays. VCT SEA shoutcaster Asurai says that sScary lives up to his namesake.

“You won’t usually find him on top of the leaderboards or in the flashy duelist role, but he sets up his team for success. sScary is usually the one leading the opponent into X10’s traps, and with his recent Astra picks, X10 might just be an even bigger monster for teams to defeat.”

The VCT 2021 Challengers SEA Playoffs begins on April 29. You can find the complete broadcast schedule on our website.

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