The Master of God Fist is coming to Tekken 8.

Bandai Namco recently revealed the latest inclusion to the fighting game’s ineup, introducing Feng Wei as the latest character to join the starting roster.

Feng made his first appearance in the Tekken series in Tekken 5, which was released back in 2005. He’s been playable in every subsequent installment, and now he’s looking to avenge his previous defeat at the hands of Wing Chun master Leroy Smith.

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Who is Feng Wei?

Feng Wei Tekken 8 character reveal trailer
Credit: Bandai Namco

Feng is a skilled practitioner of Taijiquan, striving to attain the status of the ultimate warrior known as the Dragon God, under the guidance of the ancient wisdom found within the God Fist scrolls.

Driven by unwarranted ambition, Feng Wei defied the rules of his martial arts dojo, which strictly prohibited engagements with practitioners of different styles. When his master attempted to intervene, Feng Wei tragically ended his life without hesitation.

Feng Wei vs Law in the Tekken 8 character reveal trailer
Credit: Bandai Namco

The warrior then suffers defeat after facing Leroy during the events of Tekken 7, with the blind martial artist telling him he is not worthy of being compared to his late master.

He now returns to the arena with the help of Nina Williams, who offers him another chance to redeem himself in exchange for his support of G Corp.

Feng Wei changes in Tekken 8

Feng Wei Tekken 8 Rage Art
Credit: Bandai Namco

In the character trailer, it is evident that there are some notable changes in Feng’s arsenal.

One of the new moves that were featured in the video is a low sweep to a shoulder bump combo that knocks the opponent across the screen. There’s also a spike move that comes out of his Shifting Clouds stance, as well as a stun property of the stance’s sabaki reversal that leads to a combo.

Other than new move properties and Heat moves, one of the highlights of the trailer is Feng’s new Rage Art animation that shows him channeling his chi as he transcends to be what seems to be the incarnation of the Dragon God.

You can watch Feng’s reveal trailer here:

Feng Wei will be part of the 19 playable characters in the upcoming Tekken 8 Closed Beta Test that will take place from October 20 to October 23.

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