In a Teamfight Tactics Vegas Open grand final that nearly went the distance and pinned four EMEA representatives against four North American players, it was milala who earned the belt and USD$100,000.

Taking first place prize means a relatively unknown player has now propelled himself into the role of a TFT Open champion.

milala made a name for himself as the TFT Vegas Open champion

TFT Vegas Open champion milala high fives the crowd
Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

The North America versus EU battle was fierce, but it’s not something milala really paid much attention to.

During a post-victory press conference, I asked the champion if there had been any extra pressure to represent North America, or perhaps he just wanted to capture it for the region. His response? Regional pride isn’t something he really worries about.

Regardless of regional rivalry or not, the player came into the final match needing to survive it all. Six players entered game seven with enough points that if any of them were to finish first in the round, they’d be crowned champion.

Ultimately it came down to an incredibly intense final moment between milala and Humbug, and it was the former who narrowly escaped. Had Humbug taken it, he would have forced a final game in which he would have joined the six other players all one win away from victory.

Below you can find the full leaderboard at the end of the event for points. Due to the format, it wasn’t a matter of who had the most points. Once players reached checkmate threshold (20 points), they simply needed to get first place again to secure it.

Kevin Parker3767585600
KC Double613186464300

If you’re interested in checking out the overall bracket from start to finish, you can find that on the official event page here.

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