The Disguised esports organization picked up plenty of players to compete at the Teamfight Tactics Vegas Open event taking place this weekend. Despite none of those players still remaining in the tournament heading into the final day, Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang still views the event in a positive light.

DisguisedToast was one of the first big creators to jump into TFT, and has remained a staple in the scene ever since, despite his many other ventures. To him, at the start, an event such as the $USD300,000 TFT Vegas Open “was just a dream.”

DisguisedToast hopes for more events just like the TFT Vegas Open

DisguisedToast and Emilywang with Pengu
Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Having the chance to sit down with Wang following his teams final player being eliminated, we reflected on what it’s like to be at an event like this given his history with the game.

“It’s very surreal. We started off really small. Back then, in person events were just the competitors, no real audience,” he explained. “To see an open event, like 500 top players flying out and the set they have here, the system. That’s crazy.”

In terms of what he wants for the future, well he’d love some more events just like this. “Hopefully, it’s the first of many of these open events, where your regular player could just show up and play,” he said.

And, well, it turns out that should be exactly what happens. During another interview with Michael Sherman, Head of Global Esports for TFT, stated that the team will continue to pull “on this thread,” also saying that the Riot team “really want to make participation and sort of high stakes competition accessible to as many players as possible.”

So looks like there’s more dreams to be brought to life, and DisguisedToast looks like he’ll be along for the ride.

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