Not only has there been tons of competition at the Teamfight Tactics Vegas Open, but we got announcements too, and plenty of them.

The TFT 2024 roadmap is packed full of new content, sets, and events for fans to look forward to in the new year.

The TFT 2024 roadmap features three sets and much more

TFT 2024 roadmap
Credit: Riot Games

The roadmap revealed during the broadcast and posted on X showcases Set 11, Set 12, and Set 13. In addition, there will be a TFT anniversary event and the brand new Set Revivals.

Set Revivals will be a temporary mode that gives players a chance to go back and relive their nostalgia from their favorite previous sets. The mode will give players the opportunity to play “some of our old sets that you may be familiar with,” according to executive producer of TFT, Geoff Virtue.

Set 11 is set to launch in March of 2024, followed by Set 12 just 4 months later, and then finally Set 13 is set to launch in quarter four of the TFT 2024 roadmap and has no official teases yet.

Also revealed is the intent of Riot Games to host yet another big open event such at the TFT Vegas Open. While they didn’t reveal much, they did state it would be in outside of the United States next time. My bet? It’s heading to Southeast Asia.

With the excitement of the first ever global LAN for the game, the TFT 2024 roadmap is continuing to provide fans with a plethora of things to be excited about in the coming year.

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