Korean actor and Boys Over Flowers star Lee Minho recently shared more about his gaming passion on his social media account.

In an Instagram post featuring snapshots of his life as of late, he showed a screenshot highlighting his Teamfight Tactics rank.

It seems he has been crunching time on Riot Games’ auto battler game, reaching a rank that’s considered higher than most average players.

Lee Minho’s Teamfight Tactics rank shows the Korean actor is a highly skilled TFT player

Lee Minho’s Teamfight Tactics rank is Master, which stands as the third-highest tier in the game before Grandmaster and Challenger.

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Achieving this status requires a substantial investment of time and effort, involving participation in ranked games against other skilled players within the region.

Reaching Master tier on the Korean server is a significant accomplishment, especially since the region has a strong esports culture and a high level of competition across various games, including Teamfight Tactics.

Lee Minho's Teamfight Tactics rank is Master
Credit: Lee Minho

Teamfight Tactics is a popular auto-battler strategy game that is part of the League of Legends universe.

Unlike traditional games where you directly control characters in real-time, TFT combines strategic decision-making with automated battles.

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In TFT, you assemble a team of champions with unique abilities, arrange them on a board, and watch them automatically battle against other players’ teams.

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Credit: Sony Music
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You buy champion units, upgrade them, manage your in-game currency, and strategically position your units.

As rounds progress, you face off against neutral monsters and players. Winning battles earns rewards, usually in the form of items. The last player standing is the winner.

Credit: KBS
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Aside from Lee Minho also plays League of Legends.

Renowned for his stellar performances in acclaimed dramas such as “Boys Over Flowers,” “City Hunter,” “The Heirs,” and “Legend of the Blue Sea,” he has earned widespread recognition for his talents in both acting and music.

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