MPL PH S6 has wrapped up its seventh week with a few incredible upsets.

Though the team experienced a loss against Bren in Week 6, Nexplay Solid became a defiant team in Group A with wins over Aura PH and Execration while Onic PH finally catch a win against the rising team of Omega.


  • Nexplay Solid 2 – 0 Execration
  • Bren Esports 2 – 0 BSB
  • Blu Fire 0 – 2 Blacklist International
  • Onic PH 2 – 0 Omega
  • Nexplay Solid 2 – 0 Aura PH
  • Blacklist International 2 – 1 Cignal Ultra
  • Blu Fire 0 – 2 Bren Esports
  • Execration 2 – 0 BSB

Match of the week: Nexplay Solid vs. Aura PH

While many fans might have had Aura PH locked in as the sure winners of this match-up, Nexplay Solid came out swinging in the first game. Despite Aura’s Greed easily stealing away the Turtle with Natalia, NXP clapped back with a deadly chase that ended with a triple-kill wipe-out for H2wo’s Roger.

With the incredible wipe-out, NXP quickly snowballed into the end-game phase. With 10k gold and 10 kills over Aura, H2wo and his squad cornered their opponents and ushered in waves from all three lanes for the game one victory.

Despite taking a loss, Aura PH had a better playstyle in game two, focusing on map objectives. While the team had already secured Lord to NXP’s bot-lane, NXP easily dismantled their siege with a solid one-man Fatal Links on the hypercarry Jaypee’s Lancelot.

With the successful deny of Aura’s offensive efforts, NXP quickly initiated a split-push through the top and mid-lane. With Renejay’s Chou going in for kills, he managed to take down Kielvj’s Alice and kept Killuash’s Khaleed busy with some pokes.

With all ten heroes alive, NXP charged down the mid-lane with Lord and overpowered Aura in their own base. Though Aura was able to pull Lord off the base inhibitor, H2wo and the rest of NXP went straight for the structure to complete the sweep.

Player of the Week: Bren Esports’ Ribo

While KarlTzy and FlapTzy are known as Bren’s supercarries, Ribo acts as the incredible front-line that initiates every game-changing fight.

In their match against BSB, Ribo played an indestructible Uranus that charged into the enemies with some deadly AoE damage. After taking down two in the clash, Ribo immediately went for a top-lane solo-kill on Trebor’s Hilda, proving that he is his own super carry.


Group A

  1. Blacklist International (22)
  2. Aura PH (21)
  3. Execration (21)
  4. Nexplay Solid (16)
  5. Blu Fire (2)

Group B

  1. Bren (29)
  2. Omega (22)
  3. Onic PH (18)
  4. Cignal Ultra (11)
  5. BSB (6)

The final week of MPL PH S6 will start on October 9 with Bren Esports facing Cignal Ultra and Blacklist International locking horns with Execration.

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