The fifth week of MPL PH S6 has finally wrapped up, with last week’s top teams still leading the charge. Rafflesia and his Aura PH squad bagged two more wins while Bren Esports got a momentous win against Onic PH.


  • Blu Fire 1 – 2 Nexplay Solid
  • Onic PH 0 – 2 Bren Esports
  • Nexplay Solid 2 – 1 Blacklist International
  • BSB 0 – 2 Cignal Ultra
  • Execration 1 – 2 Aura PH
  • Blu Fire 0 – 2 Omega
  • Cignal Ultra 1 – 2 Aura PH
  • Nexplay Solid 0 – 2 Onic PH

Match of the week: Onic PH vs. Bren Esports

Group B’s toughest teams, Onic PH and Bren Esports, locked horns once again in Week 5. This being their second match-up of the season, Pheww and his crew did their best to close out the season rivalry with a definitive blowout.

In Game 1, Bren Esports did their best to target OhMyV33nus first to remove Onic’s sustainability, but with a strong frontline of Dlar’s Balmond and Iy4knu’s Alice, the team easily repelled Bren’s efforts with scrappy reengages.

Despite having more kills, Basic’s Hayabusa was caught red-handed trying to take Lord, which led to Bren making the steal and grabbing two kills. Ribo’s Uranus also chased down two more members with Pheww’s Chang’e and KarlTzy’s Lancelot, claiming another Double Kill within the minute.

With the instant turnaround, Bren Esports ushered Lord into the last top turret while FlapTzy’s turbo Masha was able to tank the base inhibitor and destroy it for the game one win.

Bren Esports dominated game two with more priority in map objectives. The team easily razed down all the mid turrets by the seventh minute, but with Onic’s tanky front-line of Dlar’s Yu Zhong, Jay’s Khufra, and Iy4knu’s Balmond, Bren couldn’t keep their offensive pressure up. Onic eventually turned things around with an impressive wombo combo using Khufra’s Tyrant’s Rage and Balmond’s Lethal Counter.

Despite that minor setback, Bren Esports avoided team-wide clashes and went for smaller plays around the map to plunge the dagger deeper. After taking down three of Onic, Lusty’s Chou denied Dlar’s recall to give FlapTzy, Ribo, and Pheww enough time to take down the base inhibitor for the series win.

Player of the week: Onic PH’s Iy4knu

Iy4knu was the definitive playmaker in Onic’s match against Nexplay Solid. While NXP had a solid zoning team composition with Chester’s Pharsa and H2wo’s Yi Sun-Shin, Onic easily bypassed their long-ranged attacks and rushed in for close-quarter kills.

With Wise’s Ling and Jay’s Khaleed pulling off a massive wombo combo using Tempest of Blades and Raging Sandstorm, Iy4knu kept all retreating players in range of his blink skill, Flowing Blood.

With H2wo’s Yi Sun-Shin already retreating, Iy4knu’s Alice flickered through the jungle wall and closed in on him with Blood Ode. Despite H2wo still having his dash available for another quick juke, Iy4knu already positioned Alice’s orb for one more blink and cornered him for the game-changing kill.


Group A

  1. Aura (18)
  2. Blacklist Int’l (14)
  3. Execration (11)
  4. Nexplay Solid (11)
  5. Blu Fire (2)

Group B

  1. Bren Esports (20)
  2. Omega (16)
  3. Onic PH (12)
  4. Cignal Ultra (10)
  5. BSB (6)

The sixth week of MPL PH S6 will start on September 25 with Bren Esports going against Omega and Blu Fire facing Execration.

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