The sixth week of MPL PH S6 has finally finished with some mid-table teams gaining momentum in the second half of the season.

Omega finally broke Bren Esport’s five-week winning streak while Execration picked up a huge win over Onic PH.


  • Bren 0 – 2 Omega
  • Blu Fire 0 – 2 Execration
  • Omega 2 – 0 Cignal Ultra
  • Blacklist International 0 – 2 Aura PH
  • Onic PH 2 – 0 BSB
  • Blacklist Int’l 2– 0 BSB
  • Nexplay Solid 0 – 2 Bren
  • Execration 2 – 0 Onic PH

Match of the week: Omega vs. Bren Esports

Omega defied expectations with a triumphant sweep over Pheww and his crew. While many had their hopes on Bren continuing their season-long winning streak, Omega drafted a disruptive Jawhead that easily broke through Bren’s laning phase.

With Heath’s Jawhead easily manhandling FlapTzy’s Yu Zhong, Omega quickly pushed the lanes to generate some map control. Once they captured Lord, the OMG squad stormed the gates with Hadjizy’s deadly Ling killing heroes left and right while the rest of Omega claimed the base inhibitor.

While game one was a complete blow-out by Omega, Bren tried to counter their Jawhead/Ling combo with tankier heroes like Baxia and Alice. To counter-draft such a tanky composition, Omega pulled out Selena for some extra offense and Ruby for more crowd control.

Bren was able to secure substantially more kills in game two, but the Jawhead/Ling combo was proven to be still pretty strong in disrupting their gold income. With Haze’s Selena acting as a second assassin to Hadjizy’s Ling, Omega sustained their attacks with a flurry of pokes and skills. With Bren now pinned down at their base, OMG’s tanky frontline of Heath’s Jawhead and KurtTzy’s Yu Zhong ushered in the minion waves to complete the sweep.

Player of the week: Execration’s Hate

With a week full of wins, Execration can thank their hypercarry Hate for the game-changing offense that he brings to the battlefield.

As a jungling hypercarry, Hate brings Gusion’s dagger skills to a whole new level. In their match against Blu Fire, the Gusion player easily controlled the mid-lane with quickfire 2v1’s that slashed through the targeted opponent. Ending with a 8/04 KDA, Hate grabbed another MVP award to add to his record.


Group A

  1. Aura (21)
  2. Blacklist International (17)
  3. Execration (17)
  4. Nexplay Solid (11)
  5. Blu Fire (2)

Group B

  1. Bren (23)
  2. Omega (22)
  3. Onic (15)
  4. Cignal Ultra (10)
  5. BSB (6)

Week 7 will start on October 2 with Nexplay Solid going against Execration and Bren Esports facing BSB.

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