MPL ID S6 had a special Week 7 with the league now using Mobile Legends’ newest update.

While the game now has new lane systems and changes, Alter Ego and RRQ picked up the new meta pretty quickly and managed to grab a week full of wins.


  • Genflix Aerowolf 0 – 2 Alter Ego
  • Bigetron Esports 1 – 2 Onic ID
  • Geek Fam 2 – 1 Aura Fire
  • Alter Ego 2 – 0 EVOS Legends
  • RRQ 2 – 0 Bigetron Esports
  • Genflix Aerowolf 0 – 2 RRQ
  • Onic ID 2 – 0 EVOS Legends

The first day closed out with a fierce duel for second place between Onic Esports and Bigetron Alpha. While both teams are talented in their own rights, Onic was able to clutch a narrow win with a 2-1 series.

The next day featured a match between the two bottom teams of Geek Fam ID and Aura Fire. Though the teams’ outcomes are already set for the season, Doyoksyl and GEEK squad finally came out as winners in this tight match. Alter Ego then ended the day with a triumphant 2-0 win against EVOS Legends.

The last match of Day 2 was the moment that the RRQ fans had been waiting for. RRQ Hoshi brought back their prized hypercarry in Xinnn. With the superstar back on the starting five, RRQ managed to celebrate Xinnn’s return with an impressive 2-0 win against Bigetron Esports. RRQ also opened the last day in the match against Genflix Aerowolf. Playing very disciplined, the Kings of MPL ID finished their week with their second landslide victory.

Week 7 closed with another intense match between Onic Esports and EVOS Legends. Unexpectedly, Onic who was going through a mid-season slump managed to sweep the top-form EVOS Legends squad.


  1. Alter Ego (10-2)
  2. Onic Esports (9-4)
  3. RRQ Hoshi (8-4)
  4. Bigetron Esports (8-5)
  5. EVOS Legends (6-6)
  6. Genflix Aerowolf (5-7)

The final week of MPL ID S6 will start on October 2, with RRQ facing Alter Ego and Aura going against Genflix Aerowolf.

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