Alter Ego is one of the best teams in this season’s MPL ID, currently sitting in second place and the only team with a win against league leaders Onic Esports.

Even when facing Bigetron Alpha, one of the other dominant MPL ID teams, Alter Ego was able to win the series with a 2-1 standing.

As for the team, AE’s self-confidence is off the charts according to Regi “NasiUduk” Kurniawan during an interview with reporters after AE beat Bigetron.

“For now, with all the gaps that exist in the team, we cannot confirm whether we lift the trophy or not. What is certain is that we will enter the grand final,” explained NasiUduk.

NasiUduk also revealed that he is always preparing various different strategies for AE. The rising team utilized the 1-2-2 meta formation against BTR.

“We have prepared for the future. From yesterday, the opponents have tried to kill the heroes of Udil, Celiboy, and Ahmad. Some have succeeded, some have failed,” he said.

“From there, we’re also learning to expand our own hero pools. Because in tier 5, we don’t know which heroes will be banned,” he added.

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