Onic Esports started MPL ID Season 6 as the league leader with an impressive five-game winning streak, but in Week 6, the team significantly declined in performance.

After only losing to Alter Ego in the first half of the season, Onic has now plunged into fourth place with RRQ Hoshi, Genflix Aerowolf, and AE also silencing them.

While there were rumors about the internal issue happening in Onic, things became even more evident when Maxhill “Antimage” Leonardo revealed during a live stream.

“Honestly, Onic is lacking in communication. We lack a bonding team. I am a player, not a coach or management, but I want to help this team,” Antimage said.

“I feel the Onic team is not solid enough. Examples like Butsss and Rasy want to go on offense, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes Butsss, Rasy, and I follow Gilang. “

“Like Gilang, me and Drian, there are problems like that. From MDL, I want to upgrade Rasdalima (to the MPL team) so that Gilang will be more motivated,” explained the Onic offlaner.

The seventh week of MPL ID will be a real test for Onic. The team will have to face second-place Bigetron Alpha and a new-an-improved EVOS Legends.

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