Mobile Legends patch 1.7.68 is now on the live server to kick off the annual ALLSTAR festivities.

The patch’s most significant update is the Minsitthar revamp. The game developers have also focused on improving older, least-used heroes such as Layla and Freya and optimized the least popular items in the game.

There will also be changes to the ranking system in this patch, with the star system returning and a new rank called Mythical Triumph added between Mythic and Mythical Glory.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest patch 1.7.68.

The revamped Minsitthar is now available in Mobile Legends patch 1.7.68

Minsitthar revamped splash art
Credit: Moonton

Passive – Mark of the King

  • Minsitthar’s basic attacks and skills apply a stack. Upon reaching five stacks, the next attack will detonate all marks to deal a large amount of damage and stun the target and restore HP.

Skill 1 – Spear of Glory

  • When pulling back his spear, Minsitthar will pull all enemy heroes in its path to him.

Skill 2 – Shield Assault

  • Ministthar holds up his shield, reducing incoming damage from the front for a period of time.
  • While in this stance, his basic attacks will hit all enemies in a rectangular area and have increased attack speed

Ultimate – King’s Calling

  • The ultimate now prevents all enemies in its area from using all movement speed abilities.
  • Summoned royal guards can also trigger Minsitthar’s equipment effects with their attacks.

Patch 1.7.68 hero adjustments


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang assassin hero, Joy
Credit: Moonton

Passive – Humph, Joy’s Angry!

  • Removed shield effect
  • New effect: Her skills now deal an additional instance of damage each time they hit a non-minion unit

Skill 2 – Meow, Rhythm of Joy!

  • Max uses reduced from five to four
  • Now gains a shield when hitting on the beat

Ultimate – Ha, Electrifying Beats!

  • Number of skill 2 casts required to unlock reduced from five to four
  • Gain physical and magic damage defense during ultimate
  • Damage increase after hitting on beat increased from 30% to 40% (max damage when hitting all beats is the same)


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Freya
Credit: Moonton

Skill 1 – Leap of Faith

  • Skill 1 is no longer enhanced by sacred orb nor does it cost any sacred orb
  • Can now move through obstacles easily

Skill 2 – Spirit Combo

  • Skill casts needed to trigger leaping strike reduced from three to two
  • Cooldown is no longer triggered after the skill, instead, it triggers after not continuing to cast the skill within a certain period
  • Slightly reduced the foreswing time of the skill
  • Airborne duration decreased from 0.5s to 0.4s
  • Base damage decreased from 130-230 (+108% total physical attack) to 20-230 (+90% total physical attack)
  • Final damage adjusted from 156-276 (+108 total physical attack) to 26-276 (+108 total physical attack)
  • Shield is decreased from 160-260 (+70 extra physical attack) to 69-260 (+70 extra physical attack)


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Layla
Credit: Moonton

Basic attacks

  • Reduced backswing time to allow her to move and attack more efficiently


  • Physical attack growth decreased from 9 to 7.5

Skill 2 – Void Projectile

  • Changed the slow effect from mark detonations to a 0.25s AOE stun
  • Only marks the first target hit


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Wanwan
Credit: Moonton

Passive – Tiger Pace

  • All weaknesses hit damage increased from 55-97 to 70-112

Ultimate – Crossbow of Tang

  • Speed boost while in the air decreased from 10% total movement speed to 100% extra movement speed


Leo Badang skin wallpaper

Skill 1 – Qigong Fist

  • Base damage decreased from 160-260 to 125-225
  • Explosion damage decreased from 120-195 to 100-175

Ultimate – Fist Crack

  • Base damage decreased from 80-140 to 60-120
  • Explosion damage decreased from 40-70 to 30-60


Basic attack

  • First damage increased from 80% physical attack to 100% physical attack
  • Second damage increased from 100+55% magic power to 100 +75% magic power

Skill 2 – Stardust Dance

  • Cooldown decreased from 5.5s-3.5s to 4.5s-3.5s



  • HP growth increased from 142.5 to 160.5

Skill 2 – Orb of Lightning

  • Orb of Lightning bounce’s stun duration increased from 0.6s to 0.9s


Passive – Lethal Shot

  • Base damage increased from 50 to 75

Skill 1 – Master of Camouflage

  • Cooldown decreased from 5s-3s to 4s-2.5s


Skill 1 – Heavy Left Punch

  • Shield increased from 150-500+110% physical attack to 150-650+135% physical attack


Skill 2 – Brave Assault

  • Base damage decreased from 200-300 to 140-215

Skill 3 – Energy Eruption

Base damage decreased from 300-500 to 210-330

Patch 1.7.68 equipment and battlefield adjustments

Equipment changes

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang item Dominance Ice
Credit: ONE Esports

Sea Halberd

  • New unique passive – Punish
  • Increase damage by 8% against enemy heroes with more extra HP than you

Necklace of Durance

  • Optimized build path
  • New passive Gift is the same as Elegant Gem

Twilight Armor

  • New passive: When taking more than 600 damage in a single hit, the excess amount will be reduced by 300+5% of max HP
  • Cooldown is 5s

Rose Gold Meteor

  • Shield increased from 510-1350 to 840-1820
  • Removed effect: Increase magic defense by 25s for 3s when triggered
  • New effect: Increase movement speed by 50% when triggered, the effect decays over 3 seconds

Blood Wings

  • Optimized effect: Now when the shield is attacked, it will be restored after 30s even if it’s not destroyed
  • Cooldown decreased from 30s to 20s
  • New effect: Increase movement speed by 30 when the shield is active

Thunder Belt

  • Cost decreased from 2290 to 1990
  • Mana regen increased from six to 10

Clock of Destiny

  • HP decreased from 625 to 500
  • Each stack now grants 20 HP instead of 25

Ice Queen Wand

  • Now grants 300 HP instead of 150 mana

Fleeting Time

  • Certain heroes with ultimate that enter cooldown after their duration is over now also gain cooldown reduction from kills and assists during their ultimate duration

Dominance Ice

  • The attack speed reduction is now calculated after all attack speed bonuses
  • Lowers nearby enemy heroes’ attack speed from 75% to 70%

Battle spells

Fredrinn recommended battle spell, Flicker and Vengeance
Credit: ONE Esports


  • Shield increased from 750+50*hero level to 750+90*hero level
  • Removed the effect of granting shields to nearby allied heroes
  • Cooldown decreased from 90s to 75s


  • The effect now moves with its caster, making it more suitable for supports

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