Moonton has recently announced its plan to introduce a series of changes to the Mythic rank system in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for upcoming seasons.

The game’s designer has posted the proposed changes on Facebook, which aims to improve the gameplay experience and make the journey to the top more rewarding.

The most significant changes proposed are related to the Mythic and Mythic Glory ranks, which are the highest attainable ranks in the game. The proposed changes aim to incentivize players who achieve these ranks by offering exclusive rewards for the season.

The proposed changes in Mythic rank, according to Moonton’s game designer

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ranks and star-raising points system
Credit: ONE Esports

The game’s designer has shared five things players should look forward to after the season ends.

One of the proposed changes to the Mythic system is the return of the star scoring system, which will be implemented in Mythic rank and above.

This system, similar to the ranking system in Legend rank and below, was used a few years ago in Mythic rank before it was changed to the current system.

Another significant change to the Mythic system in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the addition of a new rank between Mythic and Mythic Glory.

Although the name of this new rank has not been announced, its logo will resemble the Mythic logo, but with blue spikes at the sides.

The season journey will also have better rewards, such as an exclusive skin for those who will reach the rank.

Mythic rank system proposed changes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

Players will have the power to choose which player-designed skin they want, offering more privileges to the Mythic players.

Lastly, the matchmaking and system feedback in placement matches will also be improved.

Season 27 will end on March 25. Moonton has yet to announce this season’s rewards.

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