Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has officially deployed patch 1.6.10 on the live server. The MLBB x Transformers event also went live.

A new fighter hero, Aulus, will also arrive to the Land of Dawn.

Here is everything you need to know in Mobile Legends patch 1.6.10.

Mobile Legends patch 1.6.10 introduces a new fighter hero, Aulus

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.6.10 new hero, Aulus
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Passive – Fighting Spirit

  • Aulus’ basic attack adds a stack of fighting spirit for the axe, increasing his physical attack and physical penetration, up to four stacks. Aulus also gains extra movement speed and basic attack damage at full stacks.

Skill 1 – Aulus, Charge!

  • When the skill is held down, Aulus gains extra movement speed and damage reduction against attacks from the front. If the skill is released before the duration ends, Aulus will unleash fury and smash the ground, dealing damage to nearby enemies and slowing down.

Skill 2 – The Power of Axe

  • Aulus brandishes his axe, dealing damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area. Each non-minion hit allows him to perform a certain number of enhanced basic attacks (at least one when no non-minion enemy is hit.) Aulus gains extra attack speed when performing the enhanced basic attack and restores HP.

Ultimate – Undying Fury

  • Passive: Every time Undying Fury is upgraded, Aulus crafts a part for his axe in order. Blade Craft permanently increases his basic attacks’ physical damage. Hammer Craft permanently increases Aulus’ attack range and the range of The Power of Axe.
  • Active: Aulus raises his axe and smashes it to the ground, dealing damage to enemies in a line and leaving a burning path on the ground. Enemies who walk on it will take damage and be slowed.

Mobile Legends patch 1.6.10 balance and hero adjustments


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Kimmy
Credit: Moonton

Passive – Chemist Instinct

  • When the basic attack button is held down, a permanent indicator will appear to help you aim.
  • Optimized the display of the basic attack button so it blocks less of the skill buttons and the screen.
  • Adjusted the basic attack’s special effect so it is more in line with the actual hit determiner.

Skill 1 – Energy Transformation

  • Fixed and issue where the enhanced basic attack’s damage radius is smaller than the normal basic attack.
  • Adjusted the enhanced basic attack’s special effect so it is more in line with the actual hit determiner.
  • Reduced the energy cost.
  • Increased the attack frequency.


Blazing Force Aldous skin
Credit: Moonton

Passive – Contract: Transform

  • Shield value: Damage of the triggering basic attack is changed from 500 to 3 Soul Steal stack.

Skill 1 – Contract: Soul Steal

  • Optimized the attack speed so it can now hit fast-moving enemies more easily.
  • Extra soul steal gained upon non-hero enemies’ deaths increased from 1 to 2.

Skill 2 – Contract: Explosion

  • Removed the basic attack immunity effect.
  • Damage reduction is reduced from 50% to 30%.

Ultimate – Contract: Chase Fate

  • Slightly reduced the stn duration on hit.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.5.88 revamped Karina splash art
Credit: Moonton

Passive – Shadow Combo

  • Cooldown reduction for skill 1 and 2 increased from 1s to 1.5s.

Skill 1 – Dance of Blades

  • Base damage increased from 160-260 to 180-255.

Ultimate – Shadow Assault

  • Cooldown is decreased from 42-34s to 34-26s.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Kaja
Credit: Moonton


  • Base physical defence increased from 16 to 21.

Passive – Wrath Sanction

  • New effect: Enhanced basc attack restores HP.

Skill 1 – Ring of Order

  • New effect: Damaging minions also reduces the passive’s cooldown by 0.3s.

Skill 2 – Lightning Bomb

  • Cooldown decreased from 13-11s to 13-10s.
  • Magic power bonus decreased from 120% to 80%.

Ultimate – Divine Judgement

  • Magic power bonus reduced from 150% to 100%.
  • Magic defense reduction decreased from 10-30 to 10-20.
  • Removed the magic defense boost.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Pharsa

Passive – Spiritual Unity

  • Magic power bonus increased from 80% to 100%.

Skill 2 – Energy Impact

  • Cooldown decreased from 6.5s to 5.


Skill 1 – Burst Fireball

  • New effect: Killing minions and creeps with skill 1 grants a charge.



  • Base physical defense increased from 20 to 25.

Skill 2 – Force Swing

  • Cooldown is decreased from 7-4s to 6-4s.


Passive – Enemy’s Bane

  • Physical defense reduction adjusted from 7 to 5-8 (scales with level)


Skill 1 – Poker Trick

  • Base damage decreased from 150-230 to 130-210


Passive – Theory of Everything

  • Natan can convert his physical penetration to magic penetraton at a rate of 75%.

Ultimate – Entropy?

  • Slightly increased the cast range.
  • Slightly reduced the cancellation distance.
  • New effect: Refunds cooldown according to the remaining skill duration.


Passive – Firaga Armor

  • Energy restored upon picking up a Firaga Supply when armorless decreased from 15-10.


Passive – Bloodthirst

  • Max HP restoration after minion or creep kill is decreased from 8% to 5%.



  • Experience rewards for killing Sun’s doppelgangers are reduced, while to gold rewards in mid and late games are slightly increased.


Skill 1 – Tornado Strike

  • Base damage increased from 280-480 to 320-520.
  • Total physical attack bonus decreased from 90% to 80%.


Ultimate – Death Sonata

  • Grangers’ ultimate can now be canceled acively, and the corresponding cooldown will be refunded.


Skill 1 – Ancient Seed

  • Fixed an issue where the effective area of the second taunt attack was smaller than the indicator.

Mobile Legends patch 1.6.10 Battlefield Adjustments

Overview: Mythic Battlefield

  • Dakage reduction for nearby allied heroes when gold lane outer turret energy shield is active increased from 15% to 25%.
  • Inner turrets HP is increased from 5500 to 6000.


  • Cooldown is decreased from 15s to 10s.
  • Healing effect is decreased from 480-1200 – 360-900.


  • Attribute boost decreased from 13-33 to 12-30

Hunter Strike

  • Max movement speed boost is decreased from 60% to 50%.
  • Cooldown is decreased from 10s to 6s.

War Axe

  • Movement speed at max stacks decreased from 20% to 15%.

Genius Wand

  • Magic penetration decreased from 12 to 10.

Arcane Boots

  • Magic penetration decreased from 12 to 10.

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