Gusion mains have something to be excited for with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teasing the newest collector skin for Gusion, which will be released this March, replacing Wanwan’s Pixel Blast Skin in the Grand Collection tab.

The skin is officially named Night Owl and will feature the Holy Blade in a light armor with a beautifully engraved owl with purple glowing eyes in the chest plate. He also wears a mask with purple feathers on its sides, a luminescent cape reflecting the night sky, and a white hairdo to cap off the medieval assassin aesthetic.

In the teaser video released on Youtube, Gusion is seen fighting Benedetta in the middle of a forest at night on a full moon. There we can see some highlights of the collector skin such as improved skill visuals for all of his abilities.

For his first ability, Sword Spike, Gusion throws a blade that radiates a purple hue and leaves a trail of sparkle and feathers every time he dashes.

Shadowblade Feathers now unleashes multiple purple-feathered blades in a target direction instead of the usual daggers. Lastly, glowing feathers appear under him when he uses Incandescence.

The skin will be available soon in the original server.

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