Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports ends the year with a bang!

The M5 World Championship grand final match between ONIC Esports and AP Bren smashed peak viewership record, according to analytics agency Esports Charts.

Around five million fans watched the series, surpassing the 4.2 million peak viewership record during the Blacklist International vs RRQ Hoshi upper bracket semifinal match at the M4 World Championship.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports reaches another milestone with all-time peak viewership record

M5 World Championship peak viewership record set during the ONIC Esports vs AP Bren grand final match
Credit: Esports Charts

In this highly anticipated match, the MPL PH Season 12 champions squared off against the three-time MPL ID champions for the second time in the Knockout Stage.

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In the upper bracket final, the Indonesian squad swept the Filipino team, securing a 3-0 victory and becoming the first team to advance to the grand final.

AP Bren found themselves in the lower bracket, where they faced fellow Filipino team Blacklist International.

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AP Bren managed to sweep Blacklist International, earning them a spot in the grand final for a rematch against ONIC Esports.

The grand final was a thrilling encounter, with AP Bren and ONIC Esports going neck-and-neck throughout the series.

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The competition was intense, reaching a climactic game seven. Ultimately, it was the Filipino squad who emerged victorious, clinching the series in a dominating fashion.

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