One of the best roamers in Brazil is back in the Land of Dawn.

After previously announcing his hiatus from competitive Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Red Canids’ star Victor “Lunna” Monteiro has taken back his words and said he will play in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Brazil Season 2 (MPL BR Season 2) after all.

Lunna’s surprise announcement on why he’ll now compete at MPL BR Season 2

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Red Canids player, Victor "Lunna" Monteiro
Credit: MPL Brazil

After the M3 World Championship, he immediately announced his break from competitive Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, not disclosing the reason why he decided to hang up his jersey for MPL BR Season 2.

However, a few days after the announcement, he posted a video on his Facebook page, this time saying that he has instead decided to play this season after receiving many messages and requests from fans to continue playing.

“It was a joint decision between me, and my family,” he said in the video. “We came to the conclusion that I should play for my fans.”

The star roamer’s rose to stardom in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang professional scene

RED Canids Kalunga Lunna with Blacklist International Wise and OhMyV33nus
Credit: RED Canids Kalunga Lunna

He also expressed his excitement playing once again, thanking Moonton for giving him the opportunity to show his skills on the world stage.

“Once again I will be linked to the wonderful company, Moonton,” he stated.

He has yet to announce whether he will remain with Red Canids, or join another organization next season.

Lunna rose to fame after leading Red Canids to the region’s first ever MPL Brazil Season 1 title, defeating fan favorites Vivo Keyd in the grand final and booking a slot at the M3 World Championship.

Their hot streak came to a halt after they were eliminated in the first round of the M3 World Championship playoffs lower bracket by Cambodia’s SeeYouSoon.

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