A veteran pro player who helped EVOS Legends claim the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 8 (MPL ID Season 8) crown is back.

Ihsan “Luminaire” Besarik will compete once again in the league soon after a short hiatus, bolstering EVOS Legends’ chances of defending the throne this season.

EVOS Legends Luminaire’s return to the competitive scene

EVOS Legends' Wannn and Luminaire, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL ID S7
Credit: MPL ID website and EVOS Legends

The big announcement was made on EVOS Legends’ official YouTube page, where Luminaire shared his thoughts on his return after his announcement last season that he will be inactive after MPL ID Season 7.

“I’m here from zero again. I’m a newcomer and I don’t want to disturb or ruin what they’ve been practicing while I’m not around,” he said.

Aldean Tegar, EVOS Esports’ head of esports, also said that he is happy with Luminaire’s return and expects him to be in his full form when he is called once again to the team.

“He joined and started his career in EVOS Legends where he built a team from scratch and the results were very good. We managed to win MPL ID Season 4 and the M1 World Championships,” Aldean stated.

This is his second time returning to the pro scene. Previously, he decided to take a break from MPL ID Season 6 because he wanted to continue his education.

Will Luminaire be a starter in MPL ID Season 8 or will he play for EVOS Icon first?

EVOS Legends on stages with MPL ID S7 Trophy
Credit: ONE Esports ID

For players to compete in the MPL, they have to be part of a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development (MDL) team first to be recruited. As such, Luminaire restart his path to pro on EVOS Esports’ MDL team, EVOS Icon.

Despite winning in his debut game against OPI Esports with a 2-1 score, it was an average performance for the EVOS stalwart. He played Pharsa in games 1 and 2 then Kagura in game 3.

It’s still uncertain whether he will be immediately promoted to EVOS Legends from EVOS Icon, but fans expect that he will be back regardless because of his veteran experience.

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