Bren Esport’s M2 World Championship journey has been one of triumph, upset, and redemption.

Throughout the five days of competitive play, Bren Esports faced both defeat and victory against an array of teams. They came out of the group stage as tournament favorites, taking convincing sweeps over 10S Gaming Frost and Alter Ego.

Pheww and his crew eventually hit a roadblock — MPL MM representatives Burmese Ghouls. With coach PVNDV elevating his BG squad to a whole new level, Bren lost to the Ghouls 2-0 and dropped down to the lower bracket.

Bren fought with their backs against the wall in every match in the lower bracket. Todak took the lead in game one win with a solid macro game plan. Adapting to the series, instead of drafting their comfort picks, Bren opted to counter Todak’s strategy with scaling heroes.

Tying up the score at 1-1, Bren went all-in into game three. With KarlTzy popping off on Harley, Pheww knew that they had to end it early before Todak could turn the tides.

“We just wanted to end the game at because the carries were neck-and-neck in terms of gold,” said the Bren captain. “We just ran through with the idea of ‘kill, objective, kill, objective’.”

Their next lower bracket series was another intense ONE Esports MPL Invitational rematch with Alter Ego. Bren may have swept them in the group stage, but substitute YAM had finally found his rhythm and was pulling his weight on Yu Zhong.

After a game one blowout by Alter Ego, things were looking grim for the PH squad again. The ID team’s penchant on pressure and map control left Bren in the dust in terms of objectives.

“What we learned in the first game was to not make any mistakes in the early phase,” stated Pheww. “Most of the important objectives include things such as the first turtle.”

Heading into game two, Alter Ego carried over their aggressive playing style, but Bren was more than ready to take the challenge. Though AE started the game with a hefty four-kill lead, Bren Esports gradually equalized things by punishing their reckless positioning.

“They were already throwing and overextending for out-of-way objectives so we just punished them and took the objectives,” concluded Pheww. “Eventually we got stronger because our heroes had better scaling.”

By game three, Bren Esports won the draft by giving hypercarry KarlTzy his comfort pick, Lancelot. With no time wasted, Karl went on a godlike run with 16 kills, 5 assists, and 0 deaths and even claimed the reverse-sweep with an epic backdoor.

Taking down one of the strongest MPL ID teams, Bren Esports enters their next matchup against RRQ Hoshi with some confidence. When asked about taking on the new title of “Indonesian Slayers,” Pheww explained how it’s an honor for Bren.

“It’s an interesting title for us because Indonesia is the best at MLBB right now,” stated Pheww. “We already beat a few Indonesian teams and, if we beat RRQ tomorrow, we’re deserving of that title.”

Seeing as how Bren has already faced off with Alter Ego on a few occasions, Pheww noticed that their newfound rivals uphold the same values as them in gameplay. Teammate Ribo has even said that LeoMurphy plays Chou in a similar fashion.

Even though Alter Ego and RRQ Hoshi play in the same league, Pheww expounded on how vastly different the two teams are. In contrast to AE’s smooth meta-based gameplay, RRQ is not afraid to mix things up in draft. They’re constantly making new strategies, mixing up how teams look at specific characters and combinations. Just recently, Lemon drafted Belerick in the sidelane during their match against DreamMax that led to victory.

Can Bren Esports overcome yet another challenge?

They face RRQ Hoshi in the Lower Bracket Final today at 11:00 a.m. GMT+8.

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