It’s the first day of the MLBB Women’s Invitational 2022 (MWI 2022), and every team has shown that they are here to win it at the biggest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang women’s tournament in the world.

IDNS Princess surprised everyone after they pulled off an intense comeback win against the Philippines’ Omega Empress in the first match of the MWI 2022 group stage, all thanks to a crucial Lord steal by Patcharee “Ramella” Korpakdee.

IDNS Princess’ spectacular victory against Omega Empress at MWI 2022

MWI 2022 post-game score between Omega Esports and IDNS Princess, group stage day 1
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Omega Empress had the upper hand in the early to mid game after securing five Lord buffs at the 30-minute mark. They also destroyed all of IDNS’ towers, which forced the opposing team to go on the defense.

However, IDNS Princess kept their cool, and successfully stalled the game. Their players gradually farmed up, and kept up with Omega Empress’ item builds.

At the 36-minute mark, IDNS Princess finally caught their biggest break when Patcharee “Ramella” Korpakdee’s Lancelot sneakily stole Lord from Omega Empress, completely turning things around for the team.

They wasted no time, and immediately ran down mid lane, stealing the win from Omega Empress in their first game.

SILVER is awarded MVP in the first match of the MWI 2022 group stage

MLBB Women's Invitational 2022 (MWI 2022) IDNS Princess' Silver Chen “SILVER” Jun MVP screen card against Omega Empress in the first day of the group stage
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

For dishing out the most damage with Cecilion in their comeback win, Silver Chen “SILVER” Jun Yun won the MVP of the match award.

IDNS Princess finished the first day of the group stage with a 1-1 score after losing to Malaysia’s Karra.

The group stage will continue tomorrow, January 28. Catch the action live on ONE Esports’ official media platforms.

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