Every Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship, the winning team will have an opportunity to choose their own exclusive skin. This year, Blacklist International will get the opportunity to choose their very own M3 skin.

EVOS Legends chose Harith after they won the M1 World Championship, while Bren Esports went for Lancelot at the M2 World Championship.

Now that Blacklist International has won the crown, which M3 skin do they want? Grand final MVP Kiel “OHEB” Soriano and team captain Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna shared their wish list.

OHEB’s obvious answer on what M3 skin he wants Blacklist International to have

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Estes
Credit: Moonton

During the broadcast interview with Mara Aquino right after the M3 World Championship grand final, OHEB stated that he wanted to honor the hero that got them to where they are right now.

“Which (exclusive) skin do I want? Estes, because this hero has brought luck to Blacklist International since MPL PH Season 7,” said OHEB

If Estes pushes through and becomes the M3 skin, it will be the first time that a support hero has been considered for a championship skin.

OhMyV33nus’ unique M3 skin request for Blacklist International

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship, Blacklist International
Credit: Blacklist International

In the press conference after the match, ONE Esports asked again other Blacklist International players about what skin they wanted.

OhMyV33nus had a very unique idea of his own.

“I want a cross-gender skin. Something that doesn’t exist in Mobile Legends yet. For example Mathilda, but with male skin,” said OhMyV33nus.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Mathilda
Credit: Moonton

OHEB doubled down on the idea, but still insisted on the signature “UBE strategy” hero.

“Estes with female skin would be great too,” he added.

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