In celebration of Halloween in the Land of Dawn, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players will be glad to know that Terizla is finally getting a new skin, while Luo Yi receives her first Japanese-themed Elite skin.

A hero with only two prior skins, Abyss Guard and Flare, Hammer Giant is perfect for the Halloween season. Terizla fully retains his executioner appearance, and manages to look even more terrifying with the spooky details Moonton added.

The spikes and shimmery glow of his hammer really stands out on the battlefield. He’s also got a guillotine reference around his neck, and Zombie-like skin to top it off.

Heres a preview of Giant Hammer Terizla and Tenko Luo Yi skins in MLBB

From October 27 to November 3, there will be an in-game time-limited Halloween event where Mobile Legends players can complete tasks and Halloween Candies. Hammer Giant Terizla is guaranteed in the tenth draw, so get ready to collect your sweets!

Released this year with a recolored Ying-yang Mage skin, Luo Yi is finally getting a real upgrade with Tenko. According to Japanese folklore, Tenko refers to a divine fox, one that lives for a thousand years, which explains why she has a fox mask as a headdress.

Instead of purple and yellow, Tenko Luo Yi’s abilities are turquoise and black-red. Fans will also appreciate the sakura motif in her outfit and staff, which accentuates the Japanese theme.

Look out for Tenko Luo Yi in-game soon.

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