Are you a big fan of the dark side? Have you ever dreamt of being a super villain in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? If so, then the newest super villain skin, General Void Alpha, is perfect for you.

The skin is part of the newest skin line which pits them against heroes of the superhero skin line. This rivalry will be the best thing that’s ever happened in the Land of Dawn.

Preview of General Void Alpha skin

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, General Void Alpha
Credit: Moonton

The official skin trailer posted on YouTube revealed the mech-inspired skin that looks like it’s straight out of the Gundam anime series.

Alpha is equipped with a technologically-advanced armor infused with dark violet energy. Alpha also has long glowing pink hair that flows out from the back of his helmet.

Lastly, his weapon has a glowing blade at the tip, where metal-like edges circles the blade.

If you’re looking for a truly menacing skin, General Void Alpha is the one for you.

General Void Alpha skills

Similar to the superhero skins, Alpha’s skills now have comic book-like effects. Skills such as Rotary Impact, Force Swing, and Alpha Charge summon cartoonish effects with texts that are similar to old school comic strips.

Special elimination, spawn, and recall effects have also been added. It’s time to embrace the dark side in the Land of Dawn.

General Void Alpha will be available soon in the MLBB game client.

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