Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is known for its exciting and entertaining festival events, and this year is no exception.

To spice things up, Moonton is offering an exclusive ALLSTAR skin, Seraphic Selfie Rafaela, for free to players who participate in the event.

The new skin transforms the heavenly hero into a fashion-forward icon, complete with a chic preppy outfit and sophisticated accessories that would make her a perfect runway model.

What’s even more exciting about this new look is that Rafaela’s wand now has a cell phone attached to it, transforming it into a selfie stick. This unique feature makes this skin stand out from all other Rafaela skins in the game.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Seraphic Selfie Rafaela for free

MLBB ALLSTAR Purify Harmonia event
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

To participate in the event, go to the Purify Harmonia event located on the left side of the homepage. The goal of this event is to collect 100 technotes per day by completing tasks, which you can then gift to Rafaela through the Purify button to earn points.

Tasks include completing one match, playing with friends, and using specific heroes in games.

You need to reach A ranking, or 1000 points, to get the free reward. Here are all the corresponding rewards per rank.

The event will run until April 23.

ALLSTAR 2023 Grafitti (3-day trial)C ranking200 points
Shine! Atomic Pop avatar borderB ranking600 points
Seraphic Selfie RafaelaA ranking1000 points
Atomic Pop spawn effectS ranking1500 points

Players will also have the opportunity to purchase the other two exclusive ALLSTAR skins: Atomic Pop Miya and Atomic Pop Eudora.

Atomic Pop Miya will be available for purchase from April 5 to April 25, while Atomic Pop Eudora will be on sale from April 12 to May 2.

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