Cat lovers, you’ll definitely like the latest Wanwan skin.

Moonton Games has released a sneak peek at the upcoming Flying Swallow Wanwan skin set to debut this month.

This skin is being released alongside the Double 11 celebrations, an annual event featuring a plethora of discounts on heroes and skins in the in-game shop.

In this skin, Wanwan changes out of her traditional attire to a vibrant, futuristic outfit.

What distinguishes this skin from her other futuristic ones, like M-World Wanwan and Pixel Blast Wanwan, is the incorporation of traditional oriental elements, making it truly unique.

Flying Swallow Wanwan character model and skill effects preview

Double 11 exclusive skin Flying Swallow Wanwan character model
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

In this skin, Wanwan dons a striking red and silver solid metal armor, adding a futuristic touch to her appearance.

Notably, her wrist crossbow and hair tie stand out, taking on a vibrant neon green color, creating a captivating contrast that complements her overall aesthetic.

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The skin’s animation transports us to a futuristic Chinese city, featuring grand temples and towering skyscrapers.

Throughout the cityscape, you can spot an abundance of cat posters and figurines, emphasizing the high regard they have for these animals in this alternate universe.

Flying Swallow Wanwan Crossbow of Tang animation
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

The feline influence is evident in her skills, with most of them incorporating cat elements. A distinctive cat’s head logo materializes around enemies when her Tiger Pace passive is activated.

Additionally, a cat’s head briefly manifests when she triggers Needles and Flowers. Lastly, a cat logo hovers above enemies when their vulnerabilities are fully exposed by Crossbow of Tang.

The skin offers exclusive animations, including idle animations, walking animations, random actions, and even a secret hidden animation accessible from the skin’s homepage.

The new Flying Swallow Wanwan skin will be available on November 11.

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