Moonton has unveiled the Starlight skin for July in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and it’s nothing short of pure badassery.

Prepare to immerse yourself in regal glory as the Crimson Lion Minsitthar, the hero’s first Starlight skin.

With an awe-inspiring presence, Minsitthar assumes the role of a true king from the future. Adorned in red and gold armor befitting his royal stature, he looks like he leads a formidable army, ready to conquer the Land of Dawn.

Crimson Lion Minsitthar character model and skill effects preview

The character model of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Starlight skin for July 2023, Crimson Lion Minsitthar
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

This skin blends elements of the past and future, creating an unparalleled visual masterpiece.

His red base armor boasts a majestic lion head at the front, while golden holograms on the sides add a touch of futurism.

The highlight of this skin is his cape, which looks like it’s crafted from holographic materials.

As if forged from the very essence of fire itself, the cape dances and flickers with an otherworldly glow on the battlefield.

A preview of Crimson Lion Minsitthar's ultimate, King's Calling
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Each of his skills now leaves behind a trail of captivating gold glitches, which looks mesmerizing in-game.

However, it is his ultimate ability King’s Calling that steals the spotlight, summoning four soldiers donning armor akin to his own.

The synchronized attacks of these warriors create a mesmerizing spectacle, especially when you chain your skills together in a team fight.

Crimson Lion Minsitthar will be available on July 1 in the Starlight tab.

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