Bren Esports is one step closer to winning two championships in a row after finishing the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 7 (MPL PH) regular season on a high note, securing the coveted upper bracket advantage.

Bren Esports had a substandard performance in the first half of the season, with some people even commenting that they lost their touch.

However, a series of wins in the second half of the tournament placed them back on top, just in time for the MPL PH playoffs.

Bren Esports secures the crucial win against Omega Esports

Despite a rough start in game one, Bren Esports channeled their M2 World Championship form and won the next two games with ease.

In the second game, Karlo “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno’s Claude went on a rampage with a 3/0/7 KDA. He received the MVP award of the game as he carried Bren Esports to a decisive 11-5 victory with the help of Carlo “Pheww” Arcangel’s Yve.

In the decider, the boys in yellow decided to go for a funnel strategy with two strong sidelaners, Barats and Uranus. They also drafted supports Angela and Popol and Kupa to peel for KarlTzy’s Claude.

It was an intense match as Bren Esports initially had a hard time securing kills against Omega Esports tanky lineup of Grock and Gloo.

The game was a stalemate up until the 20-minute mark when Bren Esports secured a Lord buff in the middle of a messy team fight.

They went on to push aggressively in all lanes, and eventually secured the reverse sweep at the 22-minute mark.

The most anticipated match in the MPL PH playoffs

Even though Bren Esports is tied with Work Auster Force in Group A at 23 points, Bren will get the upper bracket slot since they beat Work Auster Force twice in the season.

That said, the M2 world champions will have to face off against Group B’s Blacklist International, who dropped only one game this season, in the very first round.

Bren Esports’ coach Duckey said in a post-match press conference that they will not underestimate Blacklist International despite Bren Esports being the only team to defeat them in the regular season.

The MPL PH Season 7 playoffs will start on May 26.

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