Tier One Entertainment co-founder and Filipino cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao has been giving her all-out support for the Philippine team SIBOL at the 31st SEA Games, cheering for Blacklist International members Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna, Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario, Salic “HADJI” Imam, and Dexter Louise”DEX STAR” Alaba.

These pro players make up SIBOL’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team who competed in Hanoi, Vietnam in the esports discipline.

While the pros played in Vietnam, Alodia virtually cheered for the MPL PH favorites from the Philippines. Dressed in a full SIBOL outfit, the CEO took to social media to show her support for her country’s representatives.

Boss Alodia’s reaction to SIBOL’s MLBB team winning the 31st SEA Games gold is the cutest thing you’ll see today

SIBOL Mobile Legends: Bang Bang representative.
Credit: SIBOL

In-between tapings and photoshoots, Alodia followed the grand final livestreams, hoping that the Philippines will break the code.

As soon as the director called in “cut,” a staff informed her that SIBOL just bagged the gold medal and handed her a mobile phone to see the stream for herself.

“We won?” she squealed. “We won!”

Alodia joyfully jumped up and down and clapped upon hearing the good news, but immediately tried to contain herself to maintain her professionalism.

With a solid win 3-1 against Indonesia, SIBOL MLBB brought home their second gold and successfully defended their title at the Southeast Asian Games. They won all of their series, only losing two games in the entire campaign.

“Congratulations! So proud of you guys,” she tweeted. “See you all back here in Manila! Let’s celebrate.”

Boss A and OhMyv33nus from Tier One Entertainment for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's Tear It Off music video
Credit: Magic Liwanag, Moonton

Alodia previously expressed her vision for Blacklist International in an official statement.

“Our dream for Blacklist International is to develop and manage world-class teams to be able to represent different countries in international competitions. Our Filipino players are doing it now in SEA Games 2022. I believe we can do it too for our Blacklist teams in other countries in the future.”

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