Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.6.66 was released last week, bringing with it numerous changes to heroes, equipment, and even battle spells.

It paved the way for the rise of the tank meta, as many tank heroes such as Belerick, Grock, and Masha were buffed.

Before MPL PH Season 9 Week 6, Blacklist International head coach Kristoffer Ed “BON CHAN” Ricaplaza gave his thoughts on what how the patch will shape up the MPL meta, and which teams will benefit from it the most.

The early game will be more action-packed, according to BON CHAN

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang heroes Xavier, Melissa, Hilda, and Gatotkaca
Credit: Moonton

The back-to-back MPL PH coach highlighted the drastic changes to tank heroes, and confirmed that the “tank meta” will rise in the coming weeks of competitive play.

He also believes that the rise of tank heroes in the current meta will be the downfall of assassin heroes. “That means assassin’s effectivity will go down because of less pickoff chance with how tanky the heroes are right now,” he said.

As for in-game adjustments, BON CHAN noted that new strategies will emerge this patch, especially in the first five minutes.

“There will be more action-packed clashes because the roamer levels up faster this patch.” he stated.

Patch 1.6.66 is a game changer for some MPL teams

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Codename: Rhino Grock
Credit: Moonton

According to the veteran coach, MPL teams such as RSG Philippines, ONIC Esports, and Aura Fire are the clear winners in this patch.

“Teams who can pull off utility junglers and EXP lane tanks will benefit the most in this patch,” said BON CHAN.

As for his own team, Blacklist International, he said that the team is still taking its time to study the patch and what strategies work best. “All of our enemies are still adjusting, including us,” he remarked.

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